DIY Study Area

DIY Study Area

All paint colours used in this DIY Study Area project can be viewed here –



WilC says:

Looks alright for YouTube, not even practical tiny study

Riley Wakeshima says:

Either way, it's okay but needs some more work. (Score is a 2; with a thumbs down. Sorry :(…….)

Riley Wakeshima says:

So the entire project needs work and a makeover, as follows: paint the wall into a brighter color, hang up mirrors to create the illusion of light, hang up the the wall calendar, put some cabinets with storage boxes, files organizers, magazine holders for organization. The stool is too small and uncomfortable so change it to a comfortable chair with good lower back support. The table is way too small, so it should be change to something bigger with under-the-table storage; my personal preference is the trestle desk; also every desk could use a foot rest. And finally the vision board needs to be hung up a little higher on the wall and the vision board needs some inspirational quotes, pictures, and a list of your hopes, dreams, desires, etc.

Riley Wakeshima says:

Good job, it is best suited for a elementary school student, but as for middle school student all the way up to college level, not so much; work and productivity will be nonexistent. So the entire project needs work and a makeover, as follows:

yen's life says:

It amazing!!
but…the desk are too small and the chair doesnt look comfortable…

Anthanium says:

chair does not look too comfortable lol

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