DIY Wall Decor | Paper Quilling Art for Bedroom | Letter F Paper quilling.

DIY Wall Decor | Paper Quilling Art for Bedroom | Letter F Paper quilling.

DIY Wall Decor | Paper Quilling Art for Bedroom | Letter F Paper quilling.



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Christina Thoele says:

When you made the love sign there was only one purple on the L.

Type oddball if you noticed.

Beehive Design says:

The Unicorn belongs to me and there is no video of it – sorry! This person has used my image without my permission

Bura Basant says:

Where is unicorn????😞😞😞😞😞


Es increible

Ana karla Flores says:

pesimo video 14.31 minutos d mi vida desperdiciados 👎

Syed Mobin Hasan says:

U can do better…

ale ferreira says:

Ya que lo hacès a los pedoa,por lo menos hacelo en càmara.please!!

Cashmere Sutel says:

Click bait is so annoying, I was waiting for the one in the thumbnails!

shavita kagzi says:

how you make love flowers plz tell me…my id is

Elda Villarreal says:

hola no se aprecia como hace las flores

Roshan Logronio says:


Michelle thum says:

Anyone else really disappointed with this video! The clickbait is not even close to the quality of work here. I never want to discourage anyone from being creative and doing their best, but this video is way off the mark of the thumbnail! By all means be creative! Be yourself! Enjoy your craft! But don't lie to people!

Sweety 20 says:

i want V letter in a special look

Sweety 20 says:

Hi . will you take customized orders ? so that I can pay u for wat I want to be done

Besseva Raven says:

Having tutorial based videos on fast forward and half the action being done outside of the cameras edge……WTF not a good idea for a diy vid

Pitbull_ Lovers says:

my question exactly!!!!

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