Project Game Room – Vlog #04 | DIY LED Light All the Things

Project Game Room – Vlog #04 | DIY LED Light All the Things

So I heart LED lighting things. So let’s #LEDLightAllTheThings
Step 1: #LEDLightAllTheThings!

Step 2: Profit?

Let me know what you think!

24V LED Strips:
LED Connectors:
Double Sided Tape:
LED Extrusions:
LED Strip Splitter:
LED 4 Pin Connector:
Wire Staples:

Wall Mural:
Cable Channel:

Things in our game room:
VIZIO S4251w-B4 5.1 Soundbar
LG Electronics 55LB5900

Glacier White PS4
Glacier White PS4 Controller

Assassin’s Creed Xbox One Bundle
Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

Wii U 32GB
Wii U Pro Controller
Wii U Black Controller

Monoprice 8×1 HDMI Switch
8×1 RCA Selector
RCA to HDMI Adapter and Upscaler

Emily Futon

All of my Gear:

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Outro Music: Stimulator Jones – “Keep On Mashin”
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Angel LED Lighting says:

Very nice build there!

Jebu Tikka says:

aaawsoome very nice setup i like it i love it !!!!!!!!!!

teentitanfanlol ROBLOX says:

well… there goes the light bill! 🖒

Barney Fryer says:

What type of connector do you use to wire the 4wire cable and the led strip to make that great extension.

victor mitchell says:

where did you get the entertainment system that your consoles are on below the tv.

Astralxiv says:

looks almost like a tron room.. epic.

mathieu hubert says:

I start home automation with this motion sensor
thanks for this videeo bye

Matteo Personeni says:

in order to connnect the 4 wire with the connectors do you have to use the pins or you Can only match them normally?

Parvan Alexandru says:

you have a water sprinkler above your tv ? omg :))

neurotictingilings nahui says:

shhhhhiee im too lazy for that much work

Raphael Chagas says:

Is it possible to synchronize with the colors shown on the monitor? For games or movies?

Mason Palmer says:

What kind of cabinets are those ?

Bladez 559 says:

What was the total cost of all of this?

Chris Flux says:

Take a minute to BREATH 👍🏻. (When describing wall diagram)

mew mew says:

imma make this when i get my own house

tomer sz says:

how did you make the strip going to the TV not work and then on the TV itself work?

Happy SeedCo says:

Very cool! Thanks for showing all the steps you did to make this – it looks awesome.

Rok Selko says:

how much does this LED setup cost?


love it ive been looking into getting some led lights i work at amazon and see them all the time ill have to figure out what brand is the bet and set something up, subbing keep it up!

Larry198s says:

nice setup I love the gaming consoles you have also, Id notice your a gamer too, 😛

Amy B. says:

I want a gaming room so bad, damn

daniel smith says:

Sick room! Bravo!

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