Small Bedroom Makeover + DIY Decor | Extreme Room Makeover | Before and After Transformation

Small Bedroom Makeover + DIY Decor | Extreme Room Makeover | Before and After Transformation

Small Bedroom Makeover with DIY home decor projects. Extreme before and after room transformation of our small bedroom that was a junk room transformed into a beautiful guest room. Come Decorate with me and see the Small Guest Room Makeover all thanks to Philips Hue. You can learn more about Philips Hue with Bluetooth by clicking here:
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Products Used:
Faux fur pillows
Bed Quilt
white pillows
stay awhile pillow
light fixture
Gold Mirror
night stands
drawer pulls

Wallpaper Blog Post
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Headboard DIY + Bed frame

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*Living Room
Side Chair
My Rug
Fiddle leaf tree
Duvet Cover
Our Mattress

*Dining Room
New Dining Table
Old Dinning Table
Dining Pew Bench
Picture Frames
Arched Mirror
Globe Crystal Chandelier

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Joyceann Barton says:


Aqila Taliaferro says:

Just beautiful

Precious Smith says:

Amazing job! How many sheets of wallpaper did you use?

carol lumley says:

Love the wallpaper, beautiful job

Danielle Scott says:

I wanna be your guest

Katherine Nordlund says:

A notebook and pen would be a nice offering for your guests.

Connie H. says:

I always provide cotton balls and cotton swabs as well. Absolutely fantastic job you did😎

Lyricallynn says:

You did a wonderful job! My only opinion and again only a suggestion is I feel you have two competing genres of decor…the wallpaper, lamps, chandelier speak soft glamour. The two side tables take it another direction. White or gray side tables with or without a mirrored front would be softer. The drapes could be a lighter shade as well. I would put the toiletries in a shallow basket in the drawer, maybe add some chocolate and gum/mints. Send them to their room with bottled water and have two coasters available. The wifi sign is cute but competes with the glam look. How about a touch of faux greenery on one of the nitestands….The one item most hostesses forget is a luggage stand for the guests suitcase that can be kept leaning against the wall for their arrival or set up in the closet so they don't have to bend over and keep suitcase on floor. If you really want to go all out and in the future add to the glam look, mirrored closet doors will make the room look larger and in fact give the guests a mirror which is both functional and pretty.

Vicky says:

Why am I watching this I'm not a homeowner I rent…moving on

Sue Anne says:

Beautiful guest room really well organized and done.Love how you stock your guests with handy supplies 👍

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