1998 bagged Civic! D.I.Y. project car. Truhart airride struts bagged car

1998 bagged Civic! D.I.Y. project car. Truhart airride struts bagged car

Bagged my 1998 Civic, I’m starting this project backwards, I did suspension first, next is interior, followed by paint and wheels. The car is currently in its winter state including snow tires.

This car is bone stock Honda Civic lx I bought for a few hundred dollars from the original owner. The car came with service records since 1998.

Music: Papa J Ruiz.

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Ignatius Mariano says:

nice work man, i dont know shit about wiring

Kenneth Clark says:

Just subscribed! Nice video! Check out my channel!

Preston Chamberlain says:

Great job💪🏻

Preston Chamberlain says:

How much did you pay all together to do this?

Hooligan Media says:

Which management system do you have? Lookin into getting the basic management but will get better management if the basic is not worth

Rishi Mohanlall says:

hey do you have any issues with the front bags rubbing on the spindles. I have a 1999 4 door Integra and I bagged it using air lift strut/bag and the front bags kept rubbing on the upper spindle and blew the bags twice.

cHeCkMaTeY310 says:

So you put airbags on the car before anything else?

jason gibson says:

super awesome, can't wait to see more! I have a 96 lx and I am also the second owner of my ride. Now my question, did you go through the inside or under the car when running the front air lines? Sorry if it has been asked already also.

Elgrinch ek says:

If you notch that front end it will go lower i believe! But damn that's awesome 😀

Mario Mendez says:

thank you bro good luck with your project I'm going to start mine as well

Mario Mendez says:

hey bro I would like to know where I can order the airbags and the system for my Honda

Jean Rodriguez says:

question can u remove the bags and put them on other coilovers…any issues or upgrade u recommend on this bag system I was planning on buying just the bags and use ACU air management ….by the way good video very helpful with

Jean Rodriguez says:

how is the ride quality on the truhart…

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