$200 Rally car project E21, seats, decisions, bumpers – “The Youtube Build” EP3

$200 Rally car project E21, seats, decisions, bumpers – “The Youtube Build” EP3

This video has no real value except for giving you something to watch and kill some time this weekend…along with hanging out with Rob and myself a bit. I just wanted to make sure, you’ve been warned!

This was some left over footage from the day after I took off the bumpers, so if you are looking for a productive way to spend your time, skip this video, it’s mostly Rob and I struggling to get the seats out, cleaning the interior out a bit and trying to decide on the next steps to take for the Rally21…because yes, you guys voted for this to become a Rally car which is super exciting! We also re-visit the bumper topic and try to decide if we should try to make brackets for the US spec bumpers and tuck them…or if we should leave them off completely (let us know in the comments).

The next thing to vote on is what type/kind of Rally car you guys would like this to become…the options are as follow:

– New School Rally
– Oldschool/Vintage Rally
– Baja / Dakar style rally
– Mad Max Rally car
– Rally Cross “Rall-X”

Huge shout out to Kevin @OneGuyGarage on IG for sending us that trunk lip. THANK YOU!

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Kyle Thompson says:

Classic vintage, put with taste of true rally,( bucket seats, hydro handbrake, etc)

SavageDutchman says:

A good rally build can also function as a drift build.

Brendan McDonnell says:

Personally I don't think you should cut it up too much. Spend time making it a little rwd cruiser. As time goes by you might find yourselves restoring or even restomoding it. YouTube has plenty of gorgeous e21 videos to take a look at!

al morgan says:

need a marker light casing for 1992ic e30almorganjewels@gmail.com

GERstarBROT says:

Reuse the US Bumper looks pretty good, when it doesn't stick out one mile. Well… no Bumper is ok aswell.

Renzo Sartor says:

I love e21's i'm finishing my build with a 328 engine in it for drifting. I would love to know where u guys got this awesome car for 200 bucks? :O

jordub says:

I went to highschool right down the street!!

Daniel Peterson says:

My favorite part of this series is the random location lmaooooooo the rally type doesn't really matter to me though

BJ Mangayayam says:

Really want to see it without all the dents and rust and made into a good rally car.

young flako says:

no bumper just add a big rear diffuser and and big front splitter

young flako says:

pasty dip the whole car

Matthew Kaai says:

Baha but RallyX mix

Adam Sherbz says:

NO FRONT BUMPER,just add a lip, would look a bit more like a 2002 turbo (BMW fans don't kill me)

Lownsm! says:

so many coat hangers?

MrSmolaCar says:

Vintage rally

Lantourismo says:

new videos for this soon??

Matt Groover says:

leave the front off please?

Ce3am2o1o says:

Classic Rallye wäre super!! 👍🏼
Und vielleicht das Heckblech durch ein europäisches ersetzen Rost ist ja eh da 😋

Grüße aus Deutschland
@der_e30touring von Instagram 😉

Mack Porter says:

Are you gonna do a engine swap?

Mack Porter says:

As a happy e21 owner… I been waiting for an e21 build on this show…

Josh Adamson says:

I'm hecka hyped right now because I think I live about .5 mile away from you guys. I'm 14 and looking to buy an e30 and start working on it for my first car. Are you right by highland high school? I've walked by this car.

Vincent Marsella says:

Baja rally all the way. Make this thing a beast, and take it over jumps!

Cav says:


Mikołaj Rubach says:

less is more so no bumpers 🙂

Bleak Hollow says:

Finally And E21 😀 i have an E23 myself

5sp_Jules says:

Vintage Rally

Plain Filmz says:

i would choose oldschool rally car/vintage rally. great video as always man. Keep up the good work

Henrikas Daktaras says:

So satisfying to watch how to car was getting vacuumed.

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