240Z – RB26 Engine Conversion [PART 1]

240Z – RB26 Engine Conversion [PART 1]

Our Nissan FairladyZ S30 (240Z) has arrived from Japan but not everything is as it seems with our classic JDM coupe….

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Mighty Car Mods says:

No doubt many people will have an idea of how they think this should be done so the comments section will probably get hectic. Try and be calm with each other – there's enough negativity in the world already and we don't need to fill every comment section on youtube with vomit do we? On another note, with the news this week that MotorTrend is leaving the platform, a lot of people have been asking us – what is the future of MCM on YouTube? Everything you need to know is right here:


mannyfly84 says:

Turbo YODA!!💯💯🔥

CheetahSpeed says:

LS1 Swap! 😂😂😂

CheetahSpeed says:

But, MUH INLINE 6!!!

Steven Johnston says:

1:23 what is the name of this song?

takeapieandrun says:

Where do people get these stray GTR engines? That many GTRs cant be getting wrecked nowadays can they?

captainchaos087 says:

You could have went with the VG30DETT motor to keep with the Z lineage, but the motor you guys chose is a good choice.

Karim Linnard says:

I still dont get the ballast resistor/ Ibiza light part 🙁

Magic Fay The producer says:

I love this car

Omar Karim says:


Kai T says:

not watched mcm for a while, got to 6 mins and youre super boring. boring boring boring.

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