240Z – Where Is Our Engine? (+ NEW PROJECT!)

240Z – Where Is Our Engine? (+ NEW PROJECT!)

Let’s clear this up once and for all… and we’ll reveal the secret project that we’ve been working on!

Benny and Al are away this week so lets sort this engine issue out, plus we’re taking you with us for the day to show you what we get up to between normal filming. Our regular 240Z episodes will kick off again next week.

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J- Tuned says:

Ok I'm commenting before watching the entire video so this stuff might be touched on. First off I think I would have had the original engine stripped down and sent over separately just to have it. Secondly for the guy saying pay to keep it stock, wouldn't that be incredibly expensive? Finally why didn't castrol send drums of oil which would have been cheaper?

Drifus66 says:

Regulations for auto imports are rubbish, they suck here in the States as well but not that bad yet. Poor 240Zed

Bozn0man says:

Moog seems like he gets really bad road rage haha

djspbb says:

My question is, Why not let someone completely disassemble the parts with gaskets and the like and ship the engine fully disassembled , then let them rebuild it once it reaches Australia? Original parts with new gaskets and brake pads.

Tyler Turi-Mullett says:

Yes we rip in Canada it's cultural BS we took from America. Bring your mountain bikes when you come it's amazing. Big fan and I have a bunch of buddies who love you guys in Calgary, Ab!

craig o says:


Caleb Peterson says:

Man, i might just have to come from the usa to try your resturaunt! Best of luck!

Lewis Gulliver says:

If I’m ever in Sydney you can bet I’m gonna eat at Wishbone! Best of luck with the new venture guys, and I can’t wait to see the 240z finished ✌🏻

Ashley Slingers says:

Congratulations guys. Lots of work put in man

19bmw91 says:

man. you guys must really be best buds the way you share that armrest!lol

Prakash Roy says:

As if people are angry at a RB26 swap??? Is that not what fans have been asking for like ever?

Tom Budin says:

@2.30 i'm pretty sure there's an engine in there @moog @marty

Wrathus Infernus says:

We usually tip in Canada 15% of the bill, but only for reataurants and similar services. More for better service and less for poorer service. Usually large groups are the only time a tip is added by the establishment without asking.

longus says:

Why not tear down the engine and ship it in peices?

Vxr Haza says:

You should get custom glasses made for each car manufacturer table

tomos apn says:

9:37 Chopped :DDD

Miguel Erives says:

Roadkill for the win!!!

Revengeful Lobster says:

Good luck guys!

Lucas Marinas says:

yeah we gotta tip in canada. usually its about 15% but if they straight up suck dont tip at all

Richard Gollen says:

That car moment reminded me of taxicab confessions

Mister Kilmister says:

I dont really follow your videos. But since youre making the Fairlady I keep a lil more aware of you in my subs. Awesome car. Keep that work

Harrison Burmeister says:

Can you blokes do a v8 commodore build that would be SICK and can you guys come down to Melbourne and be Guest at my tafe coz I’m doing an automotive course, keep up the good work πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Gary Minogue says:

This episode was a bit of a waste of time. No offence. Big fan.

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