$3000 Turbo Car Challenge – Moog’s Car

$3000 Turbo Car Challenge – Moog’s Car

After the reveal of Marty’s new car last episode, Moog shows off his new ride…

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Tom Ritsn says:

I was certain it was gonna be a glanza v

Patrick C. says:

a 900 turbo! I learned on an 1989 in 1997! nostalgic…

crankysports says:

The deficator

Oliver Duenas says:

Marty’s Joy Division shirt 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Lewis Radbourn says:

So another words Moog got shit faced ..lol..

Mermandamus Smee says:

Saab's are so underrated, I have had a few and just rebuilt my 9-5 engine 2.3 turbo, awesome cars for the price only paid $1200 NZD for it.

Jason Manning says:

Saab cars had SFA to do with Saab's aircraft programme – it was all BS marketing.

joni pranata CRK says:

how to instal supercharger

User Screenamesux says:

So you put 8K in a car & sell it for 2700?

MrJamesonStyles says:

My Chrysler 300m has a chain driven output from the engine just like this Saab. Longitudinal V6, but FWD. The power goes down before turning a corner to get to the wheels.

RR PLANB says:

Will the turbo make Tweet, Tweet bird noises?

Pearse Keown says:

Good car but u could have got a faster 2006 petrol turbo saab 93 they r 500£

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