370z Vlog: top 5 CHEAP interior mods

370z Vlog: top 5 CHEAP interior mods

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cristianjr49 says:

Links to all the carbon fiber parts please

Itachlazcano21 says:

I might get one but idk because I live in ohio and it snows a lot

Hao Jin says:

where did you get theĀ center console cover?

Irfan Kermally says:

great video, I'm getting a 370z in a month..just wondering if I'm a bit too late to the game

Evotic says:

Love The Video, Love All The Different Things Ever Never Thought About Before.

Ruben Gutierrez says:

Did you purchase the center console cover directly from evo-r? If so, about how long did it take for you to receive it?

l16u says:

intro song ??

cristian castro says:

Wait, where can I don't the bride fabric? šŸ™

Brandon Tran says:

Should list links of the mods in the description

Suffocated says:

What's the intro song you used to always have a few videos back?

Hyper IMOSUKE says:

Your Z is very cool and I am adored from a Japanese 21 year old student

josh Leonhard says:

dope vid as always man keep it up !

Tipsyy Z says:

Cop a 370 cause of you man I pick it up to
Tomorrow so hype

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