5 cheap cool JDM interior mods (240sx interior) 240sx build

5 cheap cool JDM interior mods (240sx interior) 240sx build

These are 5 cool cheaper interior mods that I have done on my 240



Giovanny Espinoza says:

What shift boot is that?

Sammyeggnog says:

Man you are too hard on yourself. Some of the parts were a little bit extra but it wasn't super rice. Keep it up your car is fine lol I've seen worse

JonahSskating says:

Shouldn’t you put racing seats and harnesses in before a steering wheel

Burako Shimazaki says:

By the way I am a fan of the 240 so keep at your work and don’t be discouraged by what I said.

Burako Shimazaki says:

Going to be friendly about this since you seem kind of new to the enthusiast community. Non of this including the car was JDM. It may be a Japanese car, but it’s not JDM. JDM means Japanese Domestic Market and is a term which is used to describe Japanese automobiles manufactured and produced locally in Japan using the Japanese automotive regulations and standards for the Japanese market and consumer. For example a JDM counterpart the the same model and year, trim, etc. USDM car may feature overall different car measurements, a different engine, safety features and of course the handle on the right side of the car as it is intended for Japanese drivers.

You can have an American import into Japan that although is an American car is built to JDM specs, and likewise you can see a Japanese import or domestically produced car in the USA but it will be built for the US market hence USDM. This is 99.9% of all Japanese cars in the USA. The only way it will be JDM is if it was originally built for the Japanese consumer market and was imported afterward for one reason or another.

An example is the Honda Fit. As I live in Japan, I drive a JDM Honda Fit, my engine in the L13a 1.3L in-line 4 cylinder. My dimensions are slightly different than the USDM of the same year and my handle is right side drive. The USDM counterpart use the 1.5 liter engine variation, are left hand drive, and have a slightly larger front.

Gasser Hashem says:

Ur miror wasnt a nice mod

SlammedSocietyS2k :p says:

That intro is so golden I subbed

Joe Smith says:

Top 5 mods…. Remove air bag. Remove seatbelt. Remove mirror. Spray paint gauges. Remove seats. Lol

Biggie Cheese says:

What steering wheel?

revive sneakers says:

Bruh I feel the broke high school life

David PhoTWENTY says:

do a driving video of the 240 on the coilovers! im kinda curious how they ride lol

Joe Smith says:

I feel the struggle bro, awesome video though. I've been watching all kinds of these videos today and thought this must have had a few thousand views for how good it is. Hang in there!

G minerr says:

"Extra Rice" lol

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