5 Must Knows Before Modding Your Car!

5 Must Knows Before Modding Your Car!

Modding cars as a beginner can be tricky, and it’s really easy to get caught up in the hype and waste money, or straight up purchase useless things. However, regardless of how your modding journey starts, these are 5 things you should keep in mind before embarking on your journey of modding.

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Bladed Angel says:

Guide to Exhaust Mods video is out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9urb_YcJl4

Speirs the dumbass says:

what mods should i buy to help my lungs? should i swap out my heart for an RB26 or 2JZ Pre-Modded or just buy a new Intake?

Joseph Bentley says:

"Modifying" a car that you dont own (aka still making payments on) is stupid.

Slavic killer says:

What about a salvage car

Salomhon Beltran says:

Thanks for vid bro. We appreciate you hard work. 👍

THE Automotive says:

dinan tunes im pretty sure will keep ur warranty if u mod it at dealer or dinan shop but if u do it your self then bye bye warranty
so ima look for dinan tunes for my M2

Carl Castle says:

I don’t even own a car, wtf am I doing? I have band tomorrow morning!

SNTMLI says:

nigga all i’m trying to do is put a spoiler and some rims on a honda civic…

Björn says:

Is the best thing to do wait until your warranty has been ran out and then mod your car

YaBoySnipeYT says:

I’m Gonna mod the f*** outta my GTR

David DeBergh says:

I love seeing 98 Honda Civics that are slammed with an eBay exhaust and stock motor yet they expect to get 5k for it.

Supercharged C5 says:

I waited 13 years before modding my c5 lmao

ANYTHING 23 says:

For first mods I’m thinking exhaust, intake, weight reduction

Ian C says:

Is there a site for the used aftermarket?

Minato .Namikaze says:

Lmfao that pic from space dandy

Allah Blessings says:

I modded my BMW 230i orginaly it was 248hp now its 300hp and it didnt void the warranty. I used dinan. It's awesome

Raw and Uncensored says:

I plan on getting a 2018 Mazda Miata in 3 months. After paying the car off, I am thinking a supercharger will be all I need to put in it…and some new tires of course…a tune MIGHT be a good idea as well. Since it is so small and light, the Miata doesn't need a lot of hp. It will also be my daily driver. The point of my build will be to make it perform how it looks, but keep it looking stock. I might have some visual touch ups, but it will look as if it came atock that way.

Jay Khodr says:

Omg 1:55 was that Lebanese food!!! Yummy

Jeremiah Boria says:

Bladed i freakin died laughing at the semi truck lmao

SAO KazutoKirigaya says:

another thing for those starting out. Make sure you know how your car goes together in the area you are looking at modding. I was modding my whole exhaust system on my 2013 ZR1 and I F**ked up on the rear end assembly so bad I ripped off the mounting point for the floor of the car, which meant a very, very expensive part was going to need to be replaced on top of my exhaust system. In my case this wound up being beneficial to allowing me to get the next parts I was looking for on my car though, so now I have a rear end diffuser from a C6.R on my rear end. I just had to advance my schedule of when I was planning on doing things and reworking my budget cause it wound up being an additional 5k that I was planning on spending a couple months down the line and not at that time. whoops.

Since then I have gotten the vast majority of all of the parts I have wanted on the car installed to make it a better track car. I now have an adjustable rear wing installed on the rear end, and a splitter on the front and I have also gotten a band new floor mod that helps blend the stock bottom of the car into the diffuser at the rear. My next stop will be on the brakes cause the stock brakes aren't lasting as long as I'd like them to on the track, but they are expensive AF, however, considering they are really the only step above what I have now I have a few months of saving ahead of me (like 18 months. they're a $14k set of Brembos)

The Derpy Husky says:

My car is an old 1989 E30 BMW and I wanna mod it but my dad wont let me

Reinhart Alvaro says:

Does modding effect insurance?

Manpal Bajwa says:

Anyone know a good Subaru BRZ forum?

Marco53 says:

I would get a tr4 or Tr4a look them same on the outside different on the inside, but a new set of brakes and a set of Weber, and maybe, maybe a 5 speed

frank noah says:

Or you could be me and throw an rx7 engine in a Suzuki Cappuccino

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