9 Mods You MUST Do To Your Car

9 Mods You MUST Do To Your Car

Here’s a list of 9 Mods that every car needs! These mods don’t break the bank but make a massive difference to almost every car!

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CarHub says:

The Miata gets a new DND Steering Wheel, check it out here! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zIdLu5nvTs

Zinnshady24 says:

"Car guy Joe" is insane to hear when you are a car guy named Joe…

AlexPuppetVideos says:

Why am I even watching this I don't even have a car

Egaptor* * says:

Exhaust is actually should be on there. Especially for turbo cars

Old man Wunder says:

Ya suspension is cheap 😏

Andres Cruz says:

That's a nasty looking Miata, I'm so sorry

Epic games BO4 ferg says:

Without these it wouldnt be a fucking car…

Marcello Mori says:

Whoa did he just diss Jeremy Clarkson

Pgt DIY says:

Had a Sparco wheel. That added so mai has to the driving experience. Loved it!

Checkout my channel. I’m trying to build my sub count.

ThatCarGuy 135 says:

No airbags! We die like real men!

William Reynolds says:

I can guarantee your car will be a lot cooler with tires

Gabmax101 says:

Should I do wheels or suspension first? Just got my first car and I pretty much just use it as a daily driver. No racing or anything. Just want it to look nice. So just wondering if suspension is that really important, I have stock 🤷‍♂️

ImaMffin. says:

Suspension is like 400$ how is that cheap
Steering wheels are like 300$ too
Boi what hell wheels are expensive as hell too

That Buick Guy says:

This is the single most vague list I've ever seen. Here, I'll make one similiar

5 things every fast car needs
1. Engine
2. Tires
3. Transmission
4. Suspension
5. Body

Mehdio Nasseri says:

This kid titled the vid cheap mods. Bahahaha my ass cheap

Med kit says:

Grass Ass ore Ass No one Are Riding For free

Robert MacDonald says:

Carelessly throwing car interior on the ground. I cringe 🙁

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