Abandoned Tacoma To Capable Crawler in 10 Minutes – Full Build Time Lapse

Abandoned Tacoma To Capable Crawler in 10 Minutes – Full Build Time Lapse

Merch available now! https://www.grindhardplumbingco.com/ This is the full time lapse of the totalled/abandoned 2000 Toyota Tacoma.

Special thanks to Rouge Fab. Check out our tubing bender here http://bit.ly/2xsnB3e and our notcher http://bit.ly/2qaNHEE

We started with a 1st gen Toyota Tacoma that was rolled/totaled and left for dead. We bought the project for $150 from a friend and got to work.

We removed all the fenders and broken windows then removed the bed. When we did this we found terrible frame rust. Next step was to give it a test drive and see how much work she needed.

We charged the battery, aired up the tires, changed the oil and trans fluid then took it for a drive. Every selection on the automatic transmission was drive except for park. We we drove it around the yard it only seemed to be in second gear. We played around with the shift linkage and got nowhere fast. It was time for a new transmission.

While we were waiting and looking for deals on a five speed trans we got to work on the front fenders and bumper. For the bumper we used 1 1/2”D 1/8”W Steel tubing and bent it with our Rouge Fab HD600.

For the fenders we used 1”D x 1/8”W steel tubing with 1/8” think plate steel and we are so happy with how it turned out! These fenders are absurdly strong! … Read the full build here https://www.grindhardplumbingco.com/builds-1/2018/8/14/the-totaled-tacoma

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ThePancakeMan480 says:

Good job fellas

Guramrit Pannu says:

Thought they will upgrade to 4 link suspension ,but for sure in future.

Saltandp07 says:

Nice taco 🌮 👌

X3Guest says:

What year of tocama is that

Brayden Wood says:

Y'all are from standpoint??

Jonathan Scott says:

I'm going to do the same to my Toyota echo. Best offroad platform due to fwd duh

The Mechanic says:

Dude's….you guys are in Bonner's?

dopie58 1 says:

What kind of piping did you use for the bumper?

Art Boy says:

Can you carry the Jeep and the Camaro at the same time.

RABBID Moto says:

Sorry to tell you this . But you definitely did Not start with a 1st gen Toyota 😂


What a great job guy'z 👍👍 Love the Eco skeleton n bed 👌

Mad Max+Toyo = A Mad Yota 😀

Samuel Nehil says:

you guys are crazy but good job

hank lero says:

It's ugly, but in a good way. Shame you didn't paint or protect any of the fresh metal.

Family De Lazaro says:

Great vid guys. But what’s the name of the song at the end off the video????

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