Before & After Mods 2017 Corolla SE 1 year process

Before & After Mods 2017 Corolla SE  1 year process

Before & After Mods 2017 Corolla SE 1 year process
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Shine Graffix says:

200 videos already, Thanks for the support and Watching!
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Nicolas Villar says:

wow! its amazing work! so, i have a question… ¿how you do the body kit?

Fester14k says:

I love this car and the process 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Fester14k says:

Wtf I saw I was going down to the comments then I though i saw he had 116k subs then after whatever watching the video and reading comments I see 16k lol btw imma subscribe

Fester14k says:


Deez Nuts says:

I’m a car builder, that’s not really my style, but dude, you’re pretty mean with the vinyl. Good job. My opinion though, not that you may want it but take that blue off your wheels to the way they were and loose that big spoiler and leave just the lip. Even if something isn’t my style I can always appreciate the care, creation and hard work put in. Good job man!

Adam Mj says:

Good Job really amazing

saul_ 24kt says:

Is that cy lakes high school???

xT00THP1CKx says:

Car looks great! And very good vinyl install skills especially doing it by yourself! Those toyota bumpers are rough wrapping. Great job!

Phantaphone Khamphoumy says:

Show me your trick on the skirts you did good on your Corolla nice job

Sherko 2 says:

0:40 Guys help where I can find those for Ford edge Rims

Sherko 2 says:

00:40 Guys help where can buy those for my ford edge rims

juancho talarga says:

Hablas español?

juancho talarga says:

Tu ingles es para el orto amigo

Christian García says:

Muy buen trabajo, felicidades

Aviv X3MS says:

I think without bodykit this car much better.

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