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Adam Ivell says:

Oh yeah, i shaved my head. I like it. MERCH :

MetalDragon says:

50/50 as id watch both

Steve Langridge says:

Eg6 videos get that car finished my dude

nathan hewitt says:

Allways like too see eg6 content 😎 but will watch none the less 👌

Andy 2475 says:

To be honest I not bothered about what videos you do I watch all your videos because I enjoy your channel and always give you a like on every video

Decky hogg says:

You will need the clips in bud they will become loose otherwise with the windows going up & down overtime <3

lukeandchloe says:

Eg video to finish the car then on to rusty 👍 definitely use the clips mate or they won’t stay on for long lol

Chris Readman says:

Eg. Why I subbed. I love that little thing.

Ian Devlin says:

BMW all the way dude

keelan swain says:

Rusty the BMW 😌😌

SúileDearg says:

Eg6 content. I’ve watched you for about two or more years work on the thing and well I want see the car in action. You don’t even have to track it if you don’t want to. A multipoint of view drive through a back road would be hella cool.

John Golightly says:

Box the EG off first then whatever suits :thumbup:

Adam Francey says:

Run Heko deflectors for just over a year now, no clips no sweat

Marcel_S2000 says:

EG6 Videos please, love your EG6 <3

Tom Stanger says:

Aayyoooooooo! just drive them in with a flat head driver, works the dream 🤙🏻

Hugh Gascoine says:

Definately rusty mate, all about the old bm’s! Loving the content at the moment and can’t wait for Poland!

Nurburgring Obsessed says:

What’s with the batman impressions in all your videos 😂

Bobby Budd says:

Grease those door hinges 😊

santapodracer1980 says:

Fitting wind deflectors difficulty level 1 – can't work out how to fit clips 🙊

Gareth Ashcroft AKA Expression Culture says:

Get a long flat head screwdriver, push the clip inside the upper part of the window channel/seal. That spaces the wind defectors out against the seal holding them in place.

Eg6 video

Racecar Is Life says:

I don’t care I love all your cars and your videos, keep em comin!!👊🏽🤘🏽

Mitch Jackson says:

I didn’t put the clips in on mine but they have come loose over time, I put the clips in on my old car and used a flat blade screwdriver to push them in the bit that sticks out goes onto the the deflector.l

Robert King says:

Eg6 vids please

jamie wickstead says:

Eg6 videos 🤘🤘

Scott Taylor says:

Eg6 mate be nice to see it all finished, then it’s one ticked off the list, then get Silvia all finished then the bmw mate and have the coupe for a winter project that’s the order I’d do it mate as well as limo tint the windows on the Toureg,

Alex Pearne says:

flat head screwdriver will clip in the clips

Kyusha Style Tuning says:

I'd like to see some BMW vids. Dug the message at the end. 😎👍

225TTBAM says:

EG6 please but all your content is great.

Scott Davis says:

Eg all day long

Richard Dawson says:

Civic mate, finish the civic then tackle rusty 🤘

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