CHEAP & SIMPLE MODS! – Honda Civic

CHEAP & SIMPLE MODS! – Honda Civic


In this video I install some simple & easy mods on the Honda Civic!




4GsRacing says:

Can you put together some kind of “win a free trip to come hang with your fav youtuber from across the world trip”?

POOLBOY Willis says:

Lmao the 03 LX has a double cup holder in that particular location

Raza kazmi says:

dude the cup holder is up under the gap below the ashtray ^^ go check some videos u will find out soon

Daffier- says:

the cup holder is flat to the shiftier just in front of it and you push it in then it pops up with to cup holders trust me i have that car LOL

sam henzler says:

That eg is so sick

Mick says:

You shouldn’t say “gay” it’s 2019 mate

Gabe A. says:

You would probably get a lot more out of those lights if you polished those dull headlight lenses.

Hampton_381 says:

Use a buffer and aluminum wheel polish to clean up your headlight housings. It's way faster than sanding.

Alan Clarke says:

I wish I could send you pictures of the difference between China LED T10/5 dash bulbs and narva ones, but I cant, I have 12 in my truck and got sick of pulling the dash out when they would die or start flashing so I spent 60$ each on two boxes of 10 narva ones and havnt had an issue since 🤙🤙✌

r-style-co-jp says:

I just started learning Japanese through the duolingo app so the "Japanese word of the day" sections really help me refresh my learning scedule lol

Jason Ibrahim says:

Haha chili!!!!

mr323i says:

Que pasa man .

Hazza says:

You can get a cupholder that can hang off your air vent, I got mine from Diaso for 2 bucks so I could keep my drinks cold lol, might be good for you!

Joshua M says:

Not gonna lie, I find myself switching off once you get back home and chat… I find it just a tad boring.

Jayden Imms says:

Underglow for the win!! 💪💪👌

jess says:

Guy: he’s cleaning the windows cause he’s Mexican.

Me who’s Mexican: damn for real, it’s like that? lol 👀

Chicken Chow Mein says:

Gay lights ? Really bro cmon

Gary Van says:

Sammit i just fail to see how that honda excites you after owning and driving a gtr. I had 2 r32 gtrs and after those alot of cars just did not excite me.

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