Cheap Toy RC Car Mods

Cheap Toy RC Car Mods

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Pimping out a walmart toy rc car. Lots of different modifications.



Vanaja KP says:

Better buy a new car🤦‍♂️

Bhodi Li says:

I have to say, this is an awesome video! I don't know how else to say it. Bravo!

Dangerplayzgaming says:

Lo he lives in ur closet and you feed him cardboard LMAO YOU MADE ME COUGH

Remote Control says:

When I was 8 I thought this was RC car abuse. Now I just think it's low cost fun

Me Morris says:

Om om om are you eating a sandwich

Army 2005 says:

Wtf he is runing like a fking girl

Swager man92 says:


TheSparkedOne says:

Dem shoes though

David Cid says:

But have you tried traxxas

alfred_ _carters says:

Who else thinks that they should have put an os rotary

Dale Kauffman says:

Still a good vid though

Dale Kauffman says:

You'd better off to buy a decent 200 dollar car than do this.

the CG nerd says:

My cheap rc ford gt can go faster than that stock rc ferarri

Tom Difloriano says:

Look at him with his big ass shoes

Del350K4 says:

I wonder how well (and how straight) the C5 rocket motor would have shoved this car along if the test had been repeated without the ramp.

Aundray Jackson says:

Fun to watch actually..

Loud Mike Productions says:

Check out some of my videos guys

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