Classic Mini Race Car Project | Part 1

Classic Mini Race Car Project | Part 1

This is a 1976 Mini 1000 which will be transformed into a Race/Rally car. This series simply documents the transformation of a very rusty mini into a fun track car.

Song 1: Business by Draganov Veaceslav (Dragonov89).
Song 2: Beyond borders of Inspiration by Draganov Veaceslav (Dragonov89).



adhy Channel says:

Hdir bwa subscribe

Brian Jones says:

I've just found these videos and thank you

البلوي 818 البلوي says:

H x vhfhchh 😂😂😂😂😂 محد يتكلم عربي هههههههه

Charlie Spann says:

Tell the old farts to pick up a spanner.

peter lewis says:

Just went to my first mini show yesterday , there was about 450-470 mini's at it in Portrush , Northern Ireland . 95% of all mini's there were restoration jobs like your Adam . How you have the patience to restore a mini from scratch is beyond me , but fair play to you and those helping you . Great video Adam , looking forward to part 2

TandM bros says:

wow I wish I could get one in the u.s.a without importing it lol

jackjono bell says:

Where did you buy this mini from and for how much?

Richie Roo says:

I don't think you could have found a worse base car if you'd tried!

DeathStroke says:

just came across this, seems you found the rustiest mini around, commend yourself for the commitment you have undertaken mate! cheers from Australia

Sean C says:

Great work Adam, I look forward to watching your progress. This mini is the same colour as my one that I've started restoring.

Mr. Pavlov says:

Hey , I know that it is a question I shouldn't ask because I might seem rude….but can you please tell me how much you got this beautiful little car for ? Thanks 😅
I've been thinking about getting a classic Mini for a while now.

Carlos says:

respect for moving the spider nicely 👍

Rainmanxxl1967 says:

Poor little car: It urgently needs a makeover

ChrisHallett83 says:

Are you lads familiar with Project Binky? I hope you have as much fun building your Mini as they seem to be having whilst building theirs!

Heidi Samantha Sibthorpe says:

Stop using the claw hammer it is not hardened so can shatter so get yourself a ball pein hammer ok safety please

k9wiREless says:

you remove rust like that i'd use a torch….burn it back

stunt509 says:

thought it was a progressive commercial at the beginning.

The V Effect says:

Just found this, I am now going to watch the rest of the videos you have posted, thank you for uploading and nice touch on not killing the spider!

Tobisztol says:

catching spider 2:22

urbex2007 says:

voted down because you think everyone wants to listen to music you like. learn to make some decent videos with interesting content.

Mossine Gago says:

seems like there much work in that project it big project guys , u doing good
good luck

lee willcox says:

I cant believe people let these beautiful cars get so abused.

palo 123 says:

Hi Adam, where did you get your mini from as it looks like they have quite a few? Are you in the UK?

Catweasle says:

Hey guys. Looks like a big project you have there. What is the music you have posted please?

Zach Price says:

What song did you put to this video?

Kyle Rivard says:

what is the blue you're adding to the body?

Max Allen-Smith says:

@3:02 Beatboxing with a mini.

Francisco Gallegos says:

Hi Adam, im from Chile and im close to get a clásico mini and i would like to know what is that white liquid you put over the oxide areas

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