Custom computer cluster pt.1

Custom computer cluster pt.1

what’s up guys this is the start of my custom digital instrument cluster build. Not much in this video, just a little on parts and what my plans are to make it happen.

part 2



Patrick Reilly says:

Where's Part 2?

..and dude. PLEASE STOP APOLOGIZING. To everyone you do this to, cause i imagine this is a thing w you. You have ZERO reason to apologize for ANYTHING you post on YouTube.

Im doing a custom dash as well, but using a lot more graphics power than a Raspberry can provide enough juice for @ 12.3" and 1920×700 with 3d graphics.

Where is your part 2? Don't see a link anywhere in your channel's list. Did you shelve this project? How much dust is on top of that dash trim panel sitting on that table in your video now? I hope.none to very little.

Hope you are cruising around enjoying your custom dash, …but not saying things like "I'm sorry, but my dash is better than yours."

"I'm Sorry" – Delete from your vocab? (Click yes)

God bless

Alexander vr says:

Clickbait thumb

Randall Lawkin says:

I need to do this with my 240sx

Kedar Krishna says:

Nice thoughts man

Yan Zhou says:

That is so cool!!! keep us posted please!

Nelson DeMetz says:

Not a waste of time at all, keep up the good work, looking forward to see the detailed progress. Thanks for sharing!

maximus1318able says:

Other than a couple times you paused and looked like you saw a ghost, was a great video. Will be starting this process in the next couple of weeks for my car and this is a great starting point for me. Thanks

forklift385 says:

what program are you using for the Pi?

Aqua Aero says:

Bro … Can I have your email id .. Pls

JDR 235 says:

Gimmie gimmie gimmie

Nilton Fernandes S says:

Funciona ou não cadê a continuação cavalo

devinjdean says:

DAMN good idea bro! You could also multi function your raspberry Pi if you use a usb bluetooth receiver. Or even go with the Pi 3. Then you are taking your monitor and integrating it with your Android (not sure about apple). I love cool stuff like what you are doing. Good luck and Ill be watching out for your updates. My brain has been going crazy for 2 days

collin deyoung says:

dude blinks once a year

Fish Taco says:

Good video bud, you're much braver than I am, I couldn't make YouTube videos haha. Just try be more confident!! You're content is great, so sell it to me!! Keep it up 🙂

黃晴 says:


RogerRamJet says:

Vary interesting , sounds exciting and cool; have heard of the rasberry pi but know nothing about them, Just stumbled across gave it a like & sub. Good luck have a C-4 vette 89 with the uber stupid fake digital dash which I absolutely hate. This would be perfect have look into other digital option such as Racepak which is cool and vary flexible but pricey.
Besides have always liked building myself for the bragging/pride.
So lets see how it comes out…

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