Custom Illuminated Acura TSX Door Sills (DIY)

Custom Illuminated Acura TSX Door Sills (DIY)

Custom made illuminated door sills made of acrylic and vinyl. This was a fun project I did with materials I already had at home. The project was just something to do in my free time while keeping the car budget low.

Project ingredients:
Acrylic sheet
Vinyl wrap
Paper thin light
Silicone caulk
Can of clear coat

Link to electroluminescent tape (paper thin light):
I cannot seem to find the correct size anymore. You can try searching on eBay also.


Songs (Artist – Track Title):

Different Heaven & EH!DE – My Heart

Tobu – Infectious

Tobu – Hope



Alex Alejandro says:

That's pretty fucking cool just came across this video

Alejandro Pagan Castro says:

Hey Blu was the cost of Making tow set for my Acura TXS?

Alejandro Pagan Castro says:

wow that's so Cool I have a white Acura Tsx can you do me a set?

Mailson Benevenuto says:

good afternoon. What is this blue material between the led and the black vinyl?

Gabrielbd10 says:

Can you do them I'll pay you

Tommy Jun says:

dude. that is a sexy mod. nice!

Santos Hernandez says:

Nice job, where do I get the wires connections diagrams?

Waldyn Vasquez says:

Wassup my man ! Are you in the NY area ? I'm interested in getting my TL type S door sills illuminated like this video

Basilio Proença says:

do it on back door seat, and rigth TSX

AJ Abalos says:

how wide is the electroluminescent tape?

cristian6486 says:

where did you buy all the things you used

Payaso Flores says:

what's the thickness of acrylic

Alexzander DaVinci says:

so u still had to use the inverters?… couldn't go directly from the El Tape wire to the dom light?

Alexzander DaVinci says:

nice video, I think ima try this on my 04 mustang. since don't wanna do it for 04 or under.

Lobiigarcia says:

Where can I buy it so I don't have to go through this process I really want to put this in my car I have a 2010 Acura TSX please help me if you can do pay you as well

willis jordan says:

U should plasti dip ur TSX

Jay Harter says:

A good Job! but it's door sill, not door still.

BlondeExplorer1 says:

Bravo well done!

Carlos Camarena says:

where did u get the acura stencil from? looking to this for my integra

Andrew Dawson says:

can I do this for my TL Type S?

Gabe B says:

what are the dimensions of the acrylic sheet?

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