DIY 1-inch Lift Kit + 0-60MPH Test with Edge Digital Gauge – Toyota Tundra Project

DIY 1-inch Lift Kit + 0-60MPH Test with Edge Digital Gauge – Toyota Tundra Project

The Toyota Tundra is racked forward from the factory and we fix that with an easy DIY spacer kit install from ToyTec. Plus, we review the Edge Insight CTS2 Digital Dash and test the Tundra’s 0-60MPH time.

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killersushi99 says:

I have that CTS guage in my Subaru. Its pretty cool!

Jimmy Phan says:

On the shock/strut comment this is what I found on the interwebs for the difference.

"The major difference between shocks and struts is that a strut is a structural part of the vehicles suspension system where a shock is not. A strut is also crucial part of the vehicles steering system and greatly affects alignment angles. Camber and caster angles are usually adjusted right on the strut itself. A strut is also a pivot point for the vehicles steering system and contains a coil spring. Because of this an alignment is always needed when replacing a strut. This is also the reason that struts are typically more expensive than shocks."

Apexit53 says:

Time to invents in a wall mounted spring compressor. Lol

David Stewart says:

Any power mods planned for the truck?

nobutada55 says:

That pile of Honda in the background!

Benjamín Zlachevsky says:

It is much more efficient (geometry and function) to lift/level using a height adjustable shock rather than using a spacer.

Sunshine JR says:

it looked much better without the spacer!

guythedudemanbro says:

going for the full bro truck look. i always thought leveling kits just make them handle worse unloaded and way worse when loaded.

Mark Uhron says:

How do you like the Edge CTS 2?   Does it show transmission temp?

0ttoman says:

FYI: Rake also helps with aerodynamics and fuel economy

Brock Campbell says:

"Pedantic", great $5 dollar word there lol, keep up the great videos.

r27rocks says:

Don't you guys have track cars to work on? Whens the next track outing?

Mark Coleman says:

Seems like a strange spacer kit to me. Why wouldn't the spacer go on top of the top hat instead of under it. You're effectively increasing spring rate to raise the car. I've installed spacers on a few cars and they went on top of the strut top.

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