DIY Barn Find Car Detailing to Sell Project Cars ~ Video Work Vlog

DIY Barn Find Car Detailing to Sell Project Cars ~ Video Work Vlog

Detailing an Old Barn Find How to DIY Cleaning for a Classic Car is a Unique Job From Engine Cleaning Polishing Paint the whole deal its all here in this Washing a Car Start to Finish Video Work Vlog Subscribe

Cleaning Yard Barn Find Cars Old Car Sitting Out in the yard. Lots of cars come in various stages of Storage etc. Cars get dirty and just a reg wash at this point is like pissing in the wind. Here is some tips and tricks for cleaning up dirty cars from leaves branches and Dust dirt etc. This is a great light project car that you will be able to drive around as you are restoring it. This is one that I bought and hid away, hoping that I would get to restore it a drive it, but I have so many cars right now. So give it a good spray down & washing. It is amazing the difference a good power washing will do. Keep an eye out for the full video review. New videos added daily.
How To Detail Wash Clay Bar Buff Degrease Car Restoration ~ Restore Paint Engine Auto Detailing Video. This is a combined video of the complete exterior detail process we did on car. First we start with giving the car a good wash to get all the years of of crap off of it. Then we go ahead and degrease the engine and get it all power washed down. Also degreasing the tires and wheel wells and scubbing them and hitting them with the pressure washer. Then the next step is to clay bar that car to give it a nice smooth surface on the paint. The claying is a very easy process you just have to make sure to keep the paint wet while you are doing it. When you are done with the clay bar you need to wash the car and give it a good scrubbing. Once the car is dry you can start the buffing process. On a car like this we like to do a two stage process. The first stage we use a more gritty compound and a wool pad on a buffer. This takes all the oxidization off of the top surface and brings the true color back out in the paint. We then use a smoother wax compound and a foam pad to really give the paint a wet look. You can see the difference at the end by how big of a difference this makes. It really doesn’t take that long and can make all the difference in the world.

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radsky says:

If I had room i'd Buy the GTA, for not much money Id throw a GM create motor in it and do the body work myself and have it painted for a grand, then throw some 18" Aftermarket wheels on it.

hardworkingtaxpayer says:

hey Nathan where do buy one of those water blades from? can't get them in New Zealand

raymond noya says:

Thx Nathan I want to clean my car now.

JayJohnPaul says:

Wow! I need one of them water blades!

Jimmy Watz says:

nice crown vic 😀 good video as always nathan 🙂

Lachie says:

You should get a GoPro! You’d get way better footage than what google glass did, it’s waterproof and you can attach it using a head or chest mount!

crapcbm says:

mh… you had already open the trunk 😛

mickey franney says:

Great video love watching them cheers👍

That 370z Dude says:

Another great video👍

MrBeeradb1 says:

You'd be better off hand washing the car.

Martin Olsvoll says:

do you remember me from your last livestream, i made a joke at the end og it. haha

philip dolan says:

How many classics do you have .do you still have that Oldsmobile wagon that thing is sweet and would make a good rat rod .

fnzr2 says:

9:34 I just want to get it wet… that's what she said..

ScoobyDigits says:

they definitely don't make caddys like they use to. Always loved the hard lines on the older caddys and lincolns

Manc780 says:

I watch all your videos and really enjoy them. I have my own mobile detailing business in Spain and truly love what I do.
Id jump at the opportunity to do some work with you the next time you need help for a few weeks, It would be an awesome life experience as Ive never been to the US and Id love to detail some of the cars you have there…. I prefer older cars where you see more of an end result.
Anyway bro keep the videos coming as we love watching them.

Ron C Roberts says:

first to comment luv your vids Nathen

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