DIY Car Projects: $8 clear coat fix

DIY Car Projects: $8 clear coat fix

In this video we attempt to fix peeling clear coat on my 91 mr2 turbo with an $8 can of “spray paint” from an auto parts store



Anthony cruz says:

aside from the car he's freaking cute😻


you could use news paper to cover if you want a cheap fix and not A4 nice new paper

Rick Jones says:

Could have done without the retarded music.

Dark Potatex says:

Hi i needed some help can it be done on metal thanks.

dacasman says:

didn't even attempt to feather out the clear. Didn't even sand anything period.
Spraying paint directly over peeling clear coat… man.
how does this video have so many likes? It really doesn't get much worse than this as far as a clear coat repair goes. except maybe using house paint.

Bethany Villarreal says:

Well I first came to this video to actually learn how to fix my clear coat….but DAMN he's hot

homing hsia says:

Great idea with a stick, can't make any damage! Thanks!

Hal Kits says:

Hey young Dexter, haha

Emilio Pradillo says:

Could of just sand it down put some primer and paint then clear coat πŸ˜•

Jorge Diaz says:

Here is the prob. Kuddos to the DIY quick fix.. However, looks nice immediately after the spray but expose it with driving for one day of regular life and just about back to the same. Good thing is it won't get worst. None the less, nice quick fix

Wonder Works Auto says:

You should have sanded it with 600 first

jon fraer says:

your music is for the west Hollywood Twinx. Do you absolutely have to insert that fucking hideous shit music?????

Aaron Snowden says:

Nice video, even if I am late.

Delana Trujillo-Johnson says:

the birds πŸ˜‚

Anton Bouchette says:

Do you absolutely have to insert that fucking hideous shit music?????

naturalbornkillr says:

It looks just as bad as before, you are a bad example for do it yourselfers. People are expecting it to at least look better, you just poured poop on to shit and called it almond roca! I hope your followers dont come here for real tips and tricks, I would say this is an example of what not to do.


what color is that red ?

King Shabazz says:

Wet sand then spray lol

Age Entertainments says:

thanks for the easy technique. but please whats the name of the spray coat you used?

panzer waffen says:

good job man….

William Tesene says:

Kid did a great job for rattle cans, which was the entire purpose of his video.

Quintre Hernandez says:

thanks man u just saved my 300xzπŸ™

Jonathan Campos says:

this is bad advice. it still looks like crap

FerrariDMC says:

Should of taken it off the car, removed the emblem it, sanded it, primed it, and then painted and clear coated it. $8 bucks is going to look like $8 bucks.

Chris LovesAudi says:

what's everybody whining bout. it was just showing what a quick fix with minimal effort can do.. kudos dude..

Bill numby says:

Clear coats were just another way to screw over thew customer, and people have taken it for over 30 years now.

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