DIY Car Projects: Rustoleum Paint Job pt 2

DIY Car Projects: Rustoleum Paint Job pt 2

In this episode, Snowflake gets paint! We’ll explain what you need to do this paint job and show you the end result (before wet sanding and buffing)




Definatly doing this with my crown vic, might be a dumb question, but how do you know when you've done one coat? Gonna paint my car black.

Dave Gregory says:

Is that Euro techno in the background, DIY ?

Dave Gregory says:

Love the Neon. And now you can rest assured it has better paint on it than when it left the factory. So many makes had the same peeling problems with water based paint.

Thanks for the video, very enjoyable.

I always swore my 63 Valiant had been painted with house paint when I got it. Factory red, Earl Scheib beige, refrigerator white then One Day Paint Antique White it's been wearing for 17 years now that still looks respectable.

John Simmons says:

Does anyone know how long Rustoleum lasts? I hear 5+ years but am not sure. Am thinking of painting my Cobalt with Gloss black…or coating my car with Durabak, not sure-any suggestions?

rugby says:

you did a good job

rugby says:

why don't you mix mineral spirits with it?

ped more says:

looks much better.

Rich Flath says:

Living o n a budget and making the most of it. Not bad dude not bad at all.

A M B says:

why did you use a foam roller, could have at least attempted to use a wagner spray gun. smh

E Silva says:

why the acetone?

lito vega says:

The worst way to paint your car , I wouldn't suggest it , or the paint better off spending money on a gun ,machine and product unless it's a neon

Arthur Ramalho says:

You did good kid.

Alessia Aikley says:

This is really cool, but what is the longevity of the paint? Will it still look ok in 3 years? Does anyone know?

sergio saturnino says:

pelo menos ficou branco.


Turned that Neon into a P-O-N-T-I-A-C…Poor- Old- Nigga-Thinks-Its-A-Cadillac…..

Tim L says:

Not too shabby bud

tribulation138 says:

umm. you forgot to do 5 to 10 coats of clear coat

dest151 says:

whats the name of that song that plays in the video??

johnny sinouvong says:

What song is that?

Path of Light says:

who is the artist in the background

toastedpickle222 says:

You were right about it being more of an art than a science. I bet you had to mix it pretty thin for the chilly weather. Acetone was a good choice thinner for the weather as well. I don't know if kerosene, or terpentine paint thinner would have evaporated.

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