DIY Car Projects: Rustoleum Roll On Paint Job Pt. 1

DIY Car Projects: Rustoleum Roll On Paint Job Pt. 1

This week, we are testing out the famous budget rustoleum paint job on snowflake. In part one we cover the prep process and level out some dents/rough old paint in preparation for the new coat of rustoleum oil based enamel.

this projects costs about $100-$120 when its all said and done.

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lory zeni says:

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Tobias Halk says:

Great Video

Alessia Aikley says:

Now that you've painted it and increased the value, sell that sucker and get a better car! Also what is the music?

Glenn Taylor says:

Great work…good presentation…kept it simple and interesting

Hunter Overby says:

feels like I'm watching b is for build. good videos – +1 more subscriber

GiGi Smith says:

How has the paint been holding up ? Is it still in good condition.

alex smith says:

Quality video coming from a channel with low subscribers. If you keep up this quality of videos subscribers will come.
Good luck!

jose sanchez says:

would it be better doing this method? or using an eleectric spray gun?

Heath Wine says:

good quality videos, what you would expect from a big channel, keep up the good work 🙂

SprayWayCustoms says:

Nice vid and channel….wish you the best…I just subscribed

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