DIY electric car conversion project – Part 1

DIY electric car conversion project – Part 1

Electric motor and DC controller out of an old forklift. If it proves that it needs more power, it’s possible we will fit a second drive motor. The car weighed 1300 lbs (590 Kg) stock.



Ciprian Nenciu says:

Salut unde gasesc si eu un motor electric ieftin am si eu un proiect vreau sa fac o conversie la un aixam sau ligier cantaresc doar 350kg

narc1s m. says:

Thanks :)! We're actually on the final stretch with this build. We fitted all the components, now we're working to wire it all up… not much left until the moment of truth :)). In approx. 3 days time, I'll post another vid with the current state of affairs.

BenjaminNelson says:

Neat little car! Looks like you are off to a great start!

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