DIY HiLift Jack Mods! Great for Beginners!

DIY HiLift Jack Mods! Great for Beginners!

Today we are building stuff! The hi-lift jack is as loved as much as it is hated. This tool is as good or as bad as you make it. I think with enough creativity, there is a ton of room for improvement with the hi-lift jack. In this video I want to explore this idea! Enjoy!

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Ben Kanobe says:

I have the exact same portable band saw as you. I purchased a set of three blades off amazon. They don't cut warm butter. My first try was on the hammer of a AR15 I was reducing weight from. All three blades just scratched the surface (3 different T/inch). My Dremmel cut off wheel made fast work of it though.
What blades do you use?
I have the "other" stand for my portable band saw (Orange, "Trick Tools", I think), it is a pain to set up and take down.
Where do I get yours?
Thank you from a new subscriber! I am going to watch all your beginner welder series!

TK Skagen says:

With the "U-Joint Base Plate" you could always use a "Good Tread, but Bad Sidewall Tire" and use Steel Rivits as an Anti-Skid Base"!

Calvin H. says:

I think they should have a hook point on the top and bottom so you can hook a ratchet strap to keep the jack from slipping/kicking out. Or so if the jack does slip out the strap will stop it from flying out and hitting someone. That's a cool setup you got now.

jcnpresser says:

You could take an old socket and heat with a torch to melt the rubber on the tire do you can recess a bolt in the tire to bolt to your base plate.

Doug Morency says:

look at the OJ Sleeve here on this page, could be handy for you when you are off road.

David knows says:

Following your comment about the jack not being safe and crawling under a vehicle. I used to use my spare as a jack stand, but also carried a bow saw to cut smaller pieces from downed trees as shims/dunnage between the frame and tire. Be safe, be creative!

Leo Smith says:

Just bolt the tire tread on to the base. Why bother with glue? Bolt heads will dig into the dirt anyway- or, you can countersink the rubber.

But if you must use glue 3m weatherstrip adhesive, the yellow kind – apply to both surfaces then stick together after it flashes (skin on outside of glue). Use the high-lift and jeep to clamp it. But I think bolts are fine, even if they are proud of the tread. Think of it on ice—- Oh you could use studded snow tire!

Dirty corner crew says:

Why cant I want it my way

johnny bays says:

Love those J Trucks in the background

Dirty corner crew says:

If Jack was on a horse would you help him off?

Dirty corner crew says:

I need to get a jack that will fit into my hitch receiver

Robert Morris says:

Nice video. What a great excuse to play with my welder!! Thx man

Honda Freak says:

You probably could of used that odd ball u-joint set up. Go to NAPA and if they know what there doing. I use a Precision Brand U-joint catalog.
They can look up combination u-joints.
Witch is 2 different series u-joints made into one.
They just need both u-joint cap size, and cross length on both joints from OD cap to cap.
Its slick when people are mixing different diffs and driveshaft.
You could make a hitch attachment so u could slide the noise of the jack in the trailer hitch.

Doug Morency says:

could you also use the tire hold down sling straps that could then hook to the jack to lift the tire of any size?

dtec30 says:

abcor binzel does alot in heavy industry and robotic welding so a strong industrial presence

DormantIdeas NIQ says:

or you could go to the hi-lift store and buy the pieces already made… nah! just kiddin' good video.

Todd Palmer says:

what drill press do you use?

Scott Harris says:

Would you be wanting to sell one of the those Jeep trucks???

B Daley says:

Whats the best way to get material to build with cheap?

Dave Underwood says:

One thing I like to do when fabbing, especially smaller pieces, is to wrap them in rock-wool insulation right after welding. They turn out not as brittle. Your using pretty chunky pieces, so it's not as necessary, more if you're using lighter metal. Better to have it bend than break. Great ideas and nice work.

Urban Cowboy says:

Great ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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