Dodge Challenger Mods -Rhino Liner ( Like Line x ), Phantom Grill, Amerihood

Dodge Challenger Mods -Rhino Liner ( Like Line x ), Phantom Grill, Amerihood

Fugly to Fine- a totaled out Dodge challenger gets a make-over for under $1,500. This includes- Rhino lining, a new Amerihood, and a Phantom grill. **** FIND MY LATEST PICS ON THIS PROJECT ON INSTAGRAM HERE: and

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arthur sifuentes says:

Good video how much did that hood cost you

Kee Kee Britton says:

It's still a v6

Eric Narvaiz says:

It’s your car do as you please.

shmiggz says:

They definitely don't use oven cleaner lol

Retro Gamer says:

I just wish the dashboard wasnt so long on a challenger, you barely get to see that cool hood

Braxton Wright says:

I personally would've left the grill alone but the car ended up looking good.

snipes503 says:

I've got to thank you for doing this build of the Challenger. You went a little outside the box and have given me some killer ideas. I've seen two tone challengers before but rhino lining the top half was pretty original.

A.D.D. Garage says:

Where’s the car ? What the heck ! No decent shots of the car after completion. All the shots are far away !! Come on man, must still look like crap. Makes no sense.

Mike S says:

great share. thx.


You couldn't have cleaned it yourself and save a few hundred bucks ? And the car looks the same to me

Generic Furry #2,749 says:

1994 Subaru 22B, completely fucked. Gonna need lots of attention and love.

Tavmanian Devil says:

Any V6 Challenger is an embarrassment to drive.

briang573 says:

Not sure if you know but i thought i would ask. Is the phantom grille illegal? I live in texas so not sure where your from.

Jose Mosqueda says:

Love i want it on my 2013 challenger sxt plus

Shade Entertainment says:

Thank you man , I'm a big fan of Dodge Challenger . What do you think about doge challenger 2009 SE v6

Paritosh Uttarwar says:

Hey did you have any fuel efficiency gains due to the rough surface? Mythbusters say you do. You have the perfect example to test it.

Eduardo Barrera says:

Recently bought a 2006 grand Prix and it had paint on it from plasti dip, I used Gas and it came right off. Be careful thought because it does get some of the car paint


Badass but no close ups also you look like john trovolta

Zach Irmscher says:

That is nothing like line-x (at all)

420Xlll says:

The fat kid at 2:28 lol

Lance Walden says:

People knock V6.. You can get it to 447.9 HP. But still use v6 mpg, and yet kick it into V8 mode when you like.

BIG ROB says:

car looks like trash

Supremium says:

The only thing I didn't like was that you covered the lights with the grill, but everything else was amazing!

Joshua Hunter says:

Sir, you know what a style is, respect to you.

Murcieme says:

Glad you replaced the hood, should have replaced the deck lid too, easy fix, then repair the small dents at least so they still wouldn't be as noticeable after Rhino liner, trust me people are noticing them, they are just being nice. I am not being rude, just saying for a little more effort and time the end result would have been well worth it.

Micheal Scott says:

I would of chopped the roof.

Hugo tiago says:

I don't care how a challenger looks it could be all rusty and I would still pay full price for it. you can't make a challenger ugly they are just that awesome hell I'd take a challenger over a Pagani any day #love4dodge

Mike Young says:

You did a great job. Inexpensive way in fixing a big problem. What year is the Challenger?

Kevin Hamblin says:

How was the fit and quality of the hood? any trimming or anything to make it fit right??

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