Ep:1 DIY Blinker Mod

Ep:1 DIY Blinker Mod

In this short episode, we’ll show you how to modify your turn signals, step by step, so that they alternate. Not only is this mod make you car a bit safter for the road, but it looks pretty cool too!

Enjoy your ride, enjoy your stay



Angel Vargas says:

Some cars already have this feature

Best Yet says:

It is illegal because your marker light wont work at night. It s now just a signal light.

Blunt Man says:

SHould have soldered the conection, and used shrink wrap. or atleast use butt connectors

Matthew Murray says:

simple question about this mod. is that legal in the sense that police can't pull you over for having your cars side light blink like a turn signal and having your car modded that way?

Adan Rendon says:

Check out my blinker mid on my Mazda RX7

Brian Langdon says:

You guys would laugh if you could see where some of the big boys in the Automotive industry started. Everyone has gotta start somewhere

Doug Kightlinger says:

So, you are saying that just connecting the black wire to the green with yellow stripe on the turn signal will accomplish the same thing?

bigbadbubbaj says:

the exact same thing is acomplished buy cutting only the black wire and adding the extra piece to it. There is no need to cut both wires when your just gonna reconnect one. The bulbs are reverse polarity so connecting the black to the red is pointless.

Tim Taylor says:

Yeah! Good question I was just about to ask the same..

simonmaersk says:

If I want my rear indicator and breaking light to alternate when they both are activated at once… What should I do then?

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