FINALLY BUYING A PROJECT CAR!!!! (not clickbait)

FINALLY BUYING A PROJECT CAR!!!! (not clickbait)

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CraptasticSpeed 616 says:

Andy you have some competition @Deobloformularaceing

HondaMoto633 says:


fire chicken79 says:

Love firebirds but it would be cool if you could make it to ls fest in bowling green in Sept like to meet you and check out the ride 👍

Trevon Adams says:

Lol easy to see it was a trans am from the thumbnail

FourPointSixChris says:

Trans-Gender Am

Ronnie Dueitt says:

First mod fix belt squeak.

Duncan Stratton says:

Depending on where you guys left in NC to avoid the tolls you should've come through Roanoke on 81 and follow that back across to Jersey.

Peter Smith says:

If I would of known you’re coming through my area, y’all could of crashed at my place

jeff jackson says:

Hell ya no click bait!!!

SilverPanda WS6 says:

I bought my trans am WS6 6 speed at under 5k and around the same milage.

1 CammedSS says:

John Doc after the LS1 gives out you should put a Boosted LQ4 in that Trans Am never know could catch the cowmaro

Bandz Dod says:

I have a iroc like that on my channel

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