First mod to the project car! – Muffler delete!

First mod to the project car! – Muffler delete!

bye bye muffler. Muffler delete on a mirage. Project car!!!



AZ Gaming says:

I am so surprised there is no "ricer" comments!!
But still, great video 😀

FiveAU says:

Should get a 3' straight from where you got it removed hahaha that be maad

KB Media says:

you got a rev limiter on there?

Simon Baker says:

Chuck a pod filter in it boys, im sure you'll love the sound

Speedaholics says:

Sounds really good! Feel free to check out my channel if interested, I have many videos up of my 350Z as well as other car stuff

deigima says:

still absurdly underpowered lol 1.5 is hopeless

autology says:

subscribed, keen to see how this channel goes! keep up the videos, and come check us out for some inspiration 🙂 we're in NSW as well.

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