For Newbies- Auto Body And Car Painting Footage- Step by Step DIY SPECIAL

For Newbies-  Auto Body And Car Painting Footage- Step by Step DIY SPECIAL

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Hey, it’s Tony. Thank you for watching the video and checking out the blog. Today’s blog is all about Step by Step Auto Body And Car Painting Footage for Newbies.

We’re doing a ’98 Dodge Ram project. I’m helping my godfather out which he got as a quick flip. We’re not going to do some crazy show job on it but he wanted to take out some of the large dents on this truck, paint the front and the bed. I’ll show you exactly how to do this.

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Enjoy the video!

Sand with 80-grit around all your body work areas before laying any kind of putty, so you can feather in your body work and bondo. Do you see how we have it scuffed all around the areas? That’s very important, this way we can blend it in.

My godfather is sanding the whole hood down with a 320-grit. Then, I’m using a straight sander on the quarter panel for a nice, flat edge. Watch how I do it on the fender crease.

I’m going to use the Warwick 980HE Spray Gun. It’s a real amazing high quality spray gun. You can check it out on the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint Shop Page.

I’ll show you my father’s trick with the mask. He puts a little toilet paper so it serves as a pre-filter. It takes out a lot of the initial heavy overspray.

One thing where a lot of newbies make a mistake is they don’t put enough clear on it. That’s why it comes out dry and orange peely. Orange peel is not enough clear, drying too quickly, improper mixture, spraying incorrectly, spraying at a too low psi.

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Michael McClernon says:

All the over spray everywhere..

Michael McClernon says:

Also, you should never ever ever have to wet sand before you paint a car. Again, old school.

Michael McClernon says:

HOLY FILLER! you should definately straighten the metal a ton more. This is an extremely old school way of doing body work also. This is the nightmare shit that ends up at my shop after a small rock hits a baseball chunk of filler off the front of that hood.

jesse bernal says:

It’s noticeable from a mile away, these fucks are blind af

willow's random garage says:

Yes I new to the paint and body world. Whats the poly coat he does? Could you use a high build primer? Glad mine a full resprays and no blending.

Dylan Binns says:

Could you send me the link to

Wrench Turner95 says:

💯 love it!

daniel pelagio says:

Nice job bro


great work man

Νικος Σακκετας says:

So you dont have to sand your base coat(1500-2000 grit)in order to apply your clear coat?Some sand the base some not.Whats the right thing to do?

wood shed says:

what the hell shops charge $7,000 to paint a truck and most wont even do it

Ashley Samuels says:

Cool Video bro.

Dusty pipe guy says:

You never sand in circles and never wet sand anything with out a block. The unevenness in your hands causes waves

harry milner says:

Excellent video ,thanks for the lesson

Paul Barnum says:

he said it's better to have more clear than not enough if you put too much clear you risking on making a run or having solvent pop problems I'm pretty sure it's easier to buff out a dry spot then it is to take out a run and risk breaking through the clear

NathTHFC1234 says:

If the repair is at the front of the bonnet, i don't see why you base coated the entire thing.. it would have been alot more effective to steer well clear of the panels that meet edge to edge with the bonnet, and just blend the colour up the bonnet with a smooth transition, and then clear the whole thing.. That way you don't get the edge to edge colour difference on the wings

George Frempter says:


Samuel Sandoval says:

Watching this was soooo satisfying!! Lol

jared tatgenhorst says:

Wow it's always the people that don't know what they are doing..

trabbipaul says:

top work !!!!!!

RU4REAL says:

It looks like a patch job. This guys is obviously an amateur.

WaveAction777 says:

Looks like your God Father enjoyed the experience as well.
Good job on the truck.

Greg Melissen says:

I would like a book send it to me at

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