Help / Tutorial for the Gopro accessories – mods, DIY projects & more!

Help / Tutorial for the Gopro accessories – mods, DIY projects & more!

Some tips and mods to make your life with the Gopro Hero and Hero2 accessories easier. Preventing lost nuts, marking items, creating magnetic and clamp mounts, adding an external battery pack and lots more.



Steven Brad says:

Great video, i have got a 60 in 1 gopro kit for all items
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seb Brown says:

are you dan aykroyd??

Don's Garage says:

102 jealous people

Hampton_381 says:

the first 5 minutes of this video is full of bad advice. Dont glue your nuts and bolts. when your plastic pieces break you wont be able to get the nuts and bolts out. You also wont be able to tighten your screws correctly if you fill up the philips reliefs

Dan Lewis says:

If super glue works for you, fine, but super glue is not designed to flex at all, so a sharp rap to the glued piece in question can dislodge pieces.

I'm suggesting a different glue would be better, but carry on if you're happy with what you've got.

Jean-Marc Boivin says:

Great video, just a thought we really did not need to see you glueing ALL your accessories.

DIYgopro says:

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lawrence ogden says:

great video

snicker292 says:

is it possible to but external mic for the hd hero 1??

Matt's Van Life says:

Didn't really need to see a timelapse of you super gluing stuff, although its more entertaining half the stuff people use gopro cameras for.

Björn Hellsroem says:

Really lovin ur Tutorial Rick, just got my new Gopro Hero 3+ Black and watch a ton of videos, especially the trick with the mobile usb charger is really awsome… i personally prefer to tape or paint the screws at the handle with a thin line but thats only my preference… just a short question about the magnet-mount, isn't there the risk that the magnet could interfere the electric of the gopro? What are your experiences with the magnet mount, do u use it often and had u any problems with it?

GOPROHDHERO3edits says:

Thanks so much for that,
Check out my channel?

masonke1 says:

Nice video, some really great, common sense ideas.

ruben cyc says:

el pegar las tuercas lo veo bien..pero rellener las cabezas de los tornillos es una verdadera tontería….como te resbale la pieza de plástico no puedes meter un destornillador…lo dicho una verdadera tontería..

Andrew McKay says:

whata re or where can I get those extention mounts that change the way I guess of where the gopro is pointing???

Kathy Oslosky says:

I love how he just starts the tips right awway

scarl8kate says:

why dont u just put the epoxy right away rather than putting up glue then epoxy. waste of money when u can just do it straight to epoxy. whatta!

Jack Johnson says:

I just nut into the screw pockets to hold it tight cause I didn't have dat dere glue when I was filming in the wild, nom sayin?

richmoto1 says:

Thanks, good job.

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