How This DiY Mod Saved me $500!!

How This DiY Mod Saved me $500!!

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Super happy with this diy. So glad we saved $500! Thanks for watching!

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Kalvin Malli says:

MISS YOU GUYS! See you back tomorrow for another video 😎🤙🏼

psamma21 says:

Nerf or nothing bröther

junjun mivec says:

Smart with the tail lights. 👍

Ricer Miata Exposed says:

Hows the gtr toy. SHOW IT

Ricer Miata Exposed says:

You mean similie right? Using like or as comparing 2 things… Free sticker! Metaphor: Comparing 2 things not using like or as. I taught u now sticker!?

Ricer Miata Exposed says:

It came of like your 2jz build/KG did on YouTube sticker? I'll put it on my truck loud in Rochester to man

Ricer Miata Exposed says:

Its like a haggard tuner crate! Not as cool but still pretty mint

Ricer Miata Exposed says:

1 like and 1 comment (Always Subbed!) Free sticker?

GoForItGari says:

Came off like a S2K's diff when you try to drift.

Michael Waddy says:

great vid brotha thanks!

Stephen Law says:

Came off like a strippers g-string 😎

Gabe z32 says:

Came off like me after prom

Sharbel Khnanisho says:

Kalvin for future reference if you preheat your oven to 400°f and then put the taillight housing in the oven for 30 seconds and take it out the lens can be separated from the housing easily

simple garage says:

Good content I seen Damien do this on his channel a month ago and seeing u do this too I'm thinking of doing it too

Adam Mullen says:

straighten the pattern out, its crooked.

ziemniaxPL says:

I might have a good idea for a video or even a couple of them. You should do a tutorial on painting and bodywork stuff, not many youtubers do this kind of thing and you’re really good at it. I’d like to try some painting on my s13 one day and would love to have a guide from my man Kalvin. Pretty sure it would get you some views too.

MadJDMTurboBoost says:

Came off like a slice of cheese pizza

Xavier Belmontes says:

Came off like gum on a shoe

編集Splixsky says:

8:14 if you have like in the sentence it’s a simile

Marc Seguin says:

Nice job ! Jimmy Oakes doing the tail lights mod too. He just posted pictures but I'm sure we're gonna see the result soon in a video.

Taiga Aisaka says:

I didn't get the notification wtf

Justin Wiley says:

Looks awesome man.

blueyfilms says:

Love it kalvin my man! Good vibes from Aus

Monk Or Julian says:

looking good!!

grizzpyro says:

Kalvin it’s a simile not a metaphor

James owens says:

Came off like the top of a Supra going down the quarter mile

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