How to make a DIY shifter knob for a truck simulator that lets you shift all the gears in American, Euro Truck Sim. Logitech adapter using 3d Printed part, a joystick encoder and 2 toggle switches.

Switches eBay
USB Encoder eBay
3d files

No 3dprinter – Use a local 3d print service like

Usb Cable DX
Wire eBay 22awg
M4x35mm eBay

Solder mat
Cutting Pliers

Wire strippers
Solder DX eBay
Heat shrink eBay or
Soldering Iron I use eBay
Solder Iron cheap
Glue Gun

My Sim Setup
Drift/rally wheel eBay
Fanatec CSW 2.5 Wheel base
Fanatec F1 carbon, BMW, Universal Hub
Fanatec CS V3 Pedals
Fanatec Handbrake V1.5
Fanatec H pattern + Sequential Shifter V1.5
Fanatec Rennsport V2 cockpit
Sparco Seat eBay
Amstudio DIY Button BOX

Get Fanatec here:

Thank you for watching, all questions and feedback are welcome.

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Bum Bum says:

Hey all, real quick one, do you have to buy a brand new USB Encoder for each mod you make, or can you connect two mods to the one USB Encoder. Eg. If you are already using an Encoder for the Shifter Mod, would you be able to use the same one for this mod, or do you need to buy 2 Encoders,

Thomas Rivard says:

Have you had any problems with the g920 wheel? Mine has the problem where the centre would move to the left as I steered a lot (like drifting)

Tolga Hayzaran says:

Nice. But i have driving force gt 🙁

CidyStar says:

Muito Bom, isso Realmente Ficou Legal Super Simples e Acessível Para Se Fazer, Queria Saber Se Você Pretende Fazer Um Novo Modelo Futuramente, Um Que Se Pareça Mais Com Os Cambio De Caminhões De Verdade.
I do not know how to speak english 🙁

José Ricardo says:

How do I buy these parts, I checked the site but you have to print, I do not have a printer …
I really liked it, but I can not buy …
You could help me???

Jonas Zeidler says:

Can you actually buy the printed parts?

Chris Wright says:

Why didn't you just buy an SKRS shifter in the first place rather then piss around doing all that..🤔🤔🤔🤔

Dekstar says:

R.I.P ETS 2 new competitor for ETS 2 on the road

Ogg Vorbis says:

This is just what I was looking for, thanks for the video.

Alejandro Rodarte says:

Now, how can I make a 3D printer lol. I need those plastic parts lol 😭

Super Drone Vidéo says:

Nice job. With PRINT 3D

Rigoberto Milian Jr says:

Hey can you sell me a 3d printed box and ship it please?

Andrei RPG says:

With 8 speed and with Low and High is possible ?

Bottl3 GT says:

You are best

Daniel dfp says:

e everything you do, when will you do a tutorial on how to make the cable I read bodnar?

I know kally says:

Sup dude I love your video just one questions have u one shift builder already for sell thamnks

Brownie82 says:

By wiring the switches like that (one outter and the center) will it make the same action each time its switched?

sad1Q says:

I can’t do this 🙁

asdfghjkl says:

Oioi how much would it cost to buy one of your handbrakes mate?

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