How To Make Car Racing Desktop Game from Cardboard!

How To Make Car Racing Desktop Game from Cardboard!

How To Make Car Racing Desktop Game from Cardboard.
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K. Stosphia says:

And that's the story I'm going to tell my kid, when I have one, if they ever ask for a video game.

Slamslime Gameplay says:

Why don't people make and sell these

Maurmaster 10 says:

Uao is amazing

Darlin Morales says:

Awesome video man

Duong Dai says:

awesome man.$$$£££°_°«=»^_^:-) 🙂 :-)@

kadewa 007 says:


Ruan Pablo says:

muito bom cara belas idéias

TheAndysaurio says:

Still better option than Nintendo LABO

subigya shrestha says:

how does car stick on to the metal piece and can anyone explain the system

Миша Жуковскиц says:


Madhu Pathak says:

Awesome brother COOL!

Олег Кравчук says:

слишком трудно😴

K M M says:

This is cool how do u think of this stuff?

Joy Dasgupta says:

bbng bjb !8:–&&

juan alvarez says:

Woooow! This is amazing! Saludos de ARGENTINA✌🇦🇷

Kathryn Brandt says:

can you make me on of those please.

Madison Griffin says:

that's cool

srikanth puli says:

Good .. but the length of game is 3 feet , after that the same track and traffic repeats .. .

Marcelo Saez says:

Todo bien hasta que saliste con tu maldito circuito.
Quien sabe de donde te lo sacaste boludo.
Tu tutorial es una verga…

Jose Enrique Bautista says:

malo lesdoi 0

ronan the moomin says:

but it IS good inspiration just a guide would be good especially if youtube pays $$$ for your vids

ronan the moomin says:

more like a professional company that comes upwith the idea so youtube pays them. what kind of circuit board is it? there are no steps to follow how do u know what circuit board it is or how to really do any of it. to try and follow and copy that is VERY difficult as there is no further explaination on any of it . it is probably just for youtube that youtube pays for videos ! i cant find an actual instruction how to do it , its a bit difficult to follow i think 🙂

ronan the moomin says:

but it doesnt give you step by step or anything. i mean what kind of circuit board is that . ?

Mary Gibson says:

Your channel name fits you well

seham hilal says:


tarkastur King of AMV says:


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