How to make Mouse Trap Car – DIY

How to make Mouse Trap Car – DIY

How to make Mouse Trap Cart . Diy Mouse Trap Cart is super easy and you will see that step by step process in this video. I used the following:

A mouse trap
4 eye hooks
6 balloons
2 bic pens (the smooth kind)
2 tops from pop cans (for the serious perhaps washers, or otherwise any other bendable metal)
some string (not pictured)
4 CDs/DVDs (expendable ones). Here 3 CDRs and a blank transparent thing from the top of a spindle. I hear DVDs are a bit lighter, but I’m not optimizing that hard.
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Heather Smith Reseller says:

Im doing this in 6th

Allison Ni says:

I'm doing this in grade 8 😂

Superkaram says:

I still don’t get it plz post pictures or videos and plz reply soon

Superkaram says:

Can u explain how to attach the string or the “wool” part plz reply soon

Pizzaisbae 619 says:

Da ting 😂😂

LavenderReaper says:

Then get some hot glue idot

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