How-to make super bright led car backlight for old cars

How-to make super bright led car backlight for old cars

How-to make super bright led car backlight for old cars. How to build a car reverse led lights wire 12v vw golf 2 car rear led reverse light replaced making for old car bulbs back light DIY MMD ไฟ led รถยนต์ rear led reverse lights installation How to Make a LED DIY This is a 12v led light bulbs how to wire a old car reverse led bulb light auto idea cheap i like to make led stuff diy car mods for old cars with an original tail lights bulbs replaced for a led panel lighting reverse backup car led bulbs wire a led 12v in car ไฟสำรองรถ ไฟรถled
Maybe this gives an idea to make this in your own car / truck / oldtimers cars led car lamps auto cheap car mod

Test SMD 6 lights but not give enough light

I try first 16 x 3mm LEDs 12000 mcd but its give not the light what i want.
Second i try 24 x 5mm leds 16000 mcd 3,2v and it give alot light

I use 2 x 24 led 5mm 16000 mcd on a panel
serie led connection multiple 4 x led 3,2v 5 – 20 mA 20 ° with 100 ohm resistor for 12v Extreme car led lights

use an old light bulb and make the glass piece
cut the filament by means to two pins
connect the lamp to 12 volt and use a multimeter to see which the positive pole is.

Use old car bulb fitting for easy test lights



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