How to make your own Mesh grille / badge less grill – $4 DIY – Dirtcheapdaily : Ep.19

How to make your own Mesh grille / badge less grill – $4 DIY – Dirtcheapdaily : Ep.19

In this episode, I’ll walk you through every step in turning your stock grille into a slick mesh one!

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The wire mesh I’m using in this video was purchased at ACE hardware for $3.50. Its a gutter guard made by Ameritech. You can find it in the roofing/gutter area.
If you have a subaru forester or other car with a large grille, you can join two gutter guards together, or buy a different piece of mesh that fits your application better. You can also use expanded sheet metal like I did on my Legacy GT.

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Welcome to another episode of dirt-cheap daily!
In this episode, I’ll walk you through the steps to make your own badgless grill!

When you’re to this point, you can take the center section and toss it!
Hold onto the subaru emblem of course, but the rest is garbage.

So you should have something that looks like this. Its really rough and there are still chunks of plastic that we want to get rid of.

With the center cut out, the plastic that extends out of the back are really long, so I cut them shorter. I got a little rough and cracked the top edge. Remember to be careful with it until you get your mesh attached as it doesn’t have any support until then.
then I took a file and leveled out all the little humps left by the center section.

After some paint, it turned out looking great! Be sure to check out my spray painting video for some helpful tips to get a perfect finish on your own mesh grille.

The new grill and spruced up headlights do so much for the look of the whole car! Check out my other video to refurbish your headlights too!

Thanks for watching! Check out my instagram for more pics of the finished grill and other slick DIY projects. And don’t forget to stop by my store for dirtcheapdaily stickers.



John Becay says:

hey dude can me and my girlfriend crash here? just for a few days?

Hakiro San says:

good job bro it looks amazing


good job bro i will be making a vid for my 2008 f550 flatbed rollback tow truck and i will be installing 12 amps 12 2000 watt 12s with led light's all inside of the truck cab costom subwoofer boxes april 29th i will post the vid

Rob Ragle says:

Geez, this is the most hillbilly video I've come across in a while. Love the "patio furniture "…..

jason adams says:

sure wish that dang saw blade wouldfit through grill then reattach itself to the handle BRA!👱💩✌👍's👇

Ios 6 says:

A diagrammed her would be much better I think just my opinion

Robson Gomes says:

Great mate I just saved £10.00 thank you for the great way !

Paul Morris says:

i gave you like cause your from utah

thatguy6214 says:

had me hyped to see what subie it's going on and I see your beat up ass old whip

Reylen Catungal says:

I just want to say that you have beautiful lawn and very relaxing work place while doing this project 🙂

That silver Teggy says:

that actually turned out pretty sick nice job man

Jacob myers says:

the first hint this was going to be a stupid video was that the grill being used was for a subaru

chucka187 says:

Nice dyi vid. One easier way would be to use cardboard to make a template and trace it on ur mesh then cut it out. I did that and then I used my router to make a inside lip then used a heavy duty adhesive to glue it in place. Great job on audio and video 👍

royfix easy and fast says:

+Dirtcheapdaily this is and awesome grill and they always give a better look to cars, even trucks, im doing this for my silverado, good video by the way!!👍

Shasta Kennon says:

I am sure that you will find good way to make it on woodprix Webpage.

ShadowManV3 says:

this build is not $4 its easily over $25

joelyboyblue says:

Sub'd , great stuff, can't wait for the turbo build coming up

Павел Митькин says:


Andrew Beech says:

I wanna do this to my Ram 1500 stock grille , A pheasant went through it years ago and then got minced by the fan . It cracked the grille and mesh of course. So I reckon i could cut the cross out and do this mesh job , that would save hundreds !! I`m in England so it would be expensive for me to get a new one .. Good Job.

Swerve Driver says:

subaru 2.5rs

jazper Delacruz says:

all of those for 1 ugly grill. no thanks

tripomatix says:

I can only do six inches. Story of my life.

Parnilli K Benally says:

I'm thinking about doing this, but, replacing the stars with the acronyms "FHI".

SprayWayCustoms says:

Nice informative vid

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