How to paint your car wheels — DIY painting project

How to paint your car wheels — DIY painting project

How to paint your car wheels — DIY painting project

How to paint your car wheels

DIY painting project

It´s a colour from a Nissan Skyline R33 GTR ( not R34 )
The colour is: Midnight Purple ( not Midnight Purple 2 or 3 )

The Wheels: 8Jx17 offset 32
PCD: 5×100

That´s the wheels for my Toyota Celica ( ST205 ) and
Subaru Impreza ( WRX STI ).

It´s a Drift look.

Das Lackieren einer Autofelge.
Von der Vorbereitung bis zum Finish des Lackierns der Felge.
Wie man es selber machen kann.

powered by: east alps custom

regards eac



pokemon2727 says:

how long after base coat did you apply clear coat?

Blue Collar Power says:

Dude you didn't even degrease it. I wouldn't be that bad if you hadn't touched it after you 'washed' them but you did. Fingerprints are REALLY easy to see through a paint job and can be a nightmare if you want it to last. The preparation is everything

John Kear says:

how durable is the paint? Does it scratch off when new rubber is mounted? I've used can paint before but it is easily damaged. Can't find a way to make it more durable.

Richard Lloyd says:

Damn!!! That look good

Mo Q says:

what was the temp, and humidity?

Javon Sanders says:

What was that gold color you used?

Levi Grafton says:

I have a set of crap rims for my Subaru. I'm going with a splatter scheme. Because my car is blue I'm doing a gloss black with a blue splatter.

Crazy Normal-ness says:

who disliked this?? this was good I liked it.. 😊

Mihael Vrebac says:

did you put 3 cotes of primer or just 1?

HHO Sailing says:

Dude didn't paint inside the rims. This painter takes short cuts. Shitty job!

Beth Bemrose says:

How many tins did you use on the 4 rims ? ps. what colour did you use first?

GAR A says:

wow nice but nahhh to much work lol I can do good as u r, But i dont stupid garage i leave in aprtment

niteraven7333 says:

nice job. Love the color

Roberto Hernandez says:

What did you use for base coat?
and where did you get the midnight purple spray can from, was it like dupont, duplicolor?

Phen0mable says:

what about inside ?? Will you also pint it ??

DatKinee says:

u did a awesome job

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