HOW TO RICE YOUR CAR!! – My rice mods Ep.1

HOW TO RICE YOUR CAR!! – My rice mods Ep.1

How to rice your car!! Easy and simple! Enjoy!!



Funny Boi says:

Not really a rice car but ok

Not Max Craft says:

Boys can u put a fart cannon on a Prius? I really wanna rice up My Prius πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I think that would be so funny

Lord Tachanka says:

Wait so blacking out the tail lights makes you rice? I thought it makes the rear more agressive.

Jordan Bronson says:

Hahahahahahaha! I LOVE IT! – Check out my Ricer Muffler:

2,526,283 Views says:

Yo i don’t think your car is rice ! Only the fart can is the rice part

AutOdometer says:

Pronounced like two words… Auto Odometer πŸ™‚ … nice video this was really fun to watch. Some people black out their headlights as well as tail lights. Besides that overspray near the Lumina logo that was a good plastidip job

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