I BOUGHT MY DREAM CAR!! (New Project Reveal)

I BOUGHT MY DREAM CAR!! (New Project Reveal)

aye, new car who dis ?
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Evan Shanks says:

Thank you guys for making it possible <3

jrod78414 says:

No project sti wrx What's up.

Theron Bacev says:

mans proves u can buy nice shit with 200k subs

Qu4ttro says:

Congrats on an awesome purchase! By some coincidence, I also purchased a 987.2 Cayman Base that is Black/Black a month ago, and that was my dream car as well. Driving it is so exhilarating! Planning on keeping it "classy" like you mentioned. Already got some mods lined up.

Me.Grazzhoppah says:

Damn that chick car, I mean Cayman.

Brian Nguyen says:

RWB BODY KIT !!!!!!!!!!

Thomas Atkinson says:

Havent watched your vids for a while! Since not watching i bought myself 06 Cayman S goood to see a youtuber around thensame age doing the same as me!

Jesus says:

You like thick booty but what about the girl

Luis Sanchez says:

Miata still for sale I’m interested

Dylan Bradley says:

Love when people go against the work idea of keeping your beliefs to yourself thank you for speaking on your faith.

jigaddy jigs says:

Congrats my dude letssss gooooi

Ryan Galloway says:

Not the Porsche 944

XxJx3xX says:

Stuff a v8 in it!!!

Gabriel Rivero says:

Is not yours. The bank owns it

MrEvaaansss says:

unsubscribing worst click bate you tuber ever get good by your self you Norse

STUEY123456 /Stuart says:

Your girl is low key hella thicc

Chris Breezy says:

Don’t forget to thank God, not just the fans.

Afiq Azhar says:

what happened to not liking german cars you ass?

TeamEpsilonRacing says:

renegade hybrids ls swap

ethan j says:

How much did you buy it for

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