Incredible Car Build Transformation!

Incredible Car Build Transformation!

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The Incredible Car Transformation of my FRS Build!

Links to Where I Purchase Parts:

GT86 Parts List:
Clutch Fix Kit:
Widebody (DVNIEMELA5 Saves You 5%)
3M Vinyl:
Braum Racing Seats:
Touch Screen Radio:
TPMS System:
Widebody Hardware:
Air Ride System:
Stance V2 LCA:
Toe Arms:
Head Lights:
Tail Lights:
Fog Lights:
Intec Fender Garnish:
LED Licence Plate/Interior:
Front Lip:
Carbon Door Cups:
BRZ Carbon Hood Struts:
APR Mirrors:
Trunk Lip:
Steering Wheel:
Steering Wheel Hub:
Quick Release:
Rear Tires:
Front Tires:
Rear Spacers:
Front Spacers:
Caliper Big Brake Bracket Kit:
Front Brake Caliper Hardware Kit:
Brembo Passenger Side Caliper:
Brembo Driver Side Caliper:
Brake Rotors:
Oil Filters:

Camera Equipment I Use:
Sony A7Rii:
Sony 28mm F2 Lens:
Sony 85mm F1.8 Lens:
Gorilla TriPod:
Rode Mic:
DJI Phantom 4 Pro+:
DJI Ronin S:


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Bobbi Wallace says:

One of my fav vids 😍

It's Melloh says:

Insanely impressive

Kriscsoカタツムリ says:

Woooow this is fckin amazing 😍😍

Anthony Wayne says:

Great Job boss! What is your degree in…perseverance? =)

2slick Gaming says:

That’s a gt86 not a frs

Car Tuning Gr says:

What car is this??

INTO DEeP says:

ricers on the storm


How much in total?

Léandre Savoie says:

how it’s call the thing that he puts at 6:42? thanks🙂

Nhat Tran says:

It looks like the performance is going to be terrible because of a huge increase in rotational weight from those oversize wheels … akeen to adding anchors to its feet. I can't imagine the comfort is going to be better because of the lowering. So I guess this is all about being a peacock.

Younq Kinq Vick says:

the rims make it look rice

NGen 999 says:

I work at a subaru dealership And this car is a rip off for what it is.

Lucas Chadwell says:

What kind of car is it?

cesar gonzalez says:

Very nice 👍🏼

Meister Monocock says:

I know some people see "rice" as a bad thing, but I think that it really isn't if the car looks gr8 and you can still recognize it. It just looks bad when it's made bad or insane. I'm liking this car btw

Mhd Fani says:

I want it👌😍

krzywyQQ says:

after all he still left stock engine ;/ what a shame

RronYT - Vlogs & More says:

Feel like this is riced

Yolo Yolo says:

having a car like this is like having food that looks really nice but tastes like shit

Dxxro _ says:

Beautiful reminder that not everything is a pipe dream

xxXMAGICXxx b says:

Can you tell me where did you get that kit

Keyboard FreedomFighter says:

what makes it even more fked up is that he did it all himself. Who the fk learns all that shit???? People gonna think he had money to spend at car shops, but in truth he'll be driving around knowing he did it all himself.

You should get a sticker that says "DIY!!!!!" jesus fkn christ.

Im a Panda says:

Not much of a car guy but my dad is and help me tune and add shit to the engine. Didnt touch the exterior. I see other frs 86 brz trying to show off and race me to only lose.

MrJamecka says:

FRS? Thats clearly a Toyota Gt86…

jarecki261 says:

You are my inspiration!

Mikołaj Jaroszewicz says:

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くーたっ says:


Muhammad Eirham says:

Supercharged bro.🙏

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