Installing MORE Interior LED Mods *Corsa Project Car*

Installing MORE Interior LED Mods *Corsa Project Car*

Making some changes to the standard Vauxhall Corsa interior lighting and installing new LEDs.

Buy the complete kit here:

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Tyler Jones-Ramsey says:

where are the led lights from? link???

Vernon Wells says:

I think the LED with the yellow readout and green background looks good.

IHNL Conp says:

Hey George I kinda spent time designing a pretty simple concept intro for you, it's not much
Here's the link

ITz Andy94 says:

you need to take the clock apart and replace the orange plastic with a clear diffused plastic milk bottle works the best ether 1 or 2 layers

Co182 says:

There’s an orange filter inside the display mate, remove that and it should go 100 percent white

Zain K says:

Really nice touch up. I think on my fiesta its not as easy changing those bulbs

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