Jeep Wrangler DIY and Mods

Jeep Wrangler DIY and Mods

My Jeep and everything that I have done it.



Titan11 says:

It probably belongs on an episode of My Crap Car but it's creative and for that, I give you credit.

Matt Spielvogle says:

jeep looks terrible.

Klayton Lloyd says:

Ya thanks I think I'm going to build a trunk area out of a diamond plate truck box

Klayton Lloyd says:

Ya I've been looking for a box that fist in that back part behind the seat I haven't found any like that one right now I just use a couple of ammo cans

Klayton Lloyd says:

Really I've never seen anything close to that do u have a link

Klayton Lloyd says:

Where did u get ur rear box at

David Jessee says:

U took off the fender flares, not the fenders, and the glow in the dark stars?? My girl would like that , she's 6. But I think it would be best if you don't do any more mods . Without consulting a grown up.

batty505 says:

Have you considered going w/half doors and keeping the fuse in?

todd wagoner says:

Why would you put handles on the top you know that's its not worth anything now and take the ugly ass glow in the dark stickers off

Nathan Ortiz says:

The lights can be turned on from the turn signal the one that looks oddly shaped you can turn them on

David Bramhall says:

get some tube fenders, and those stars are ugly AF

ak2 gamers says:

What's a great video!👍👍👍

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