Making Custom Headlights | Project 240 – Le Drift Car II | Ep. 20

Making Custom Headlights | Project 240 – Le Drift Car II | Ep. 20

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OffBeat Intro and Outro Song by Yoshi Goliat




What a good video.

imnotyourSAAN says:

k lets just not talk about the rockstar can on a radiator hose

XDC Kev says:

What hood did you have ?

MÃ¥gelFÃ¥s ' says:

Looks like an rx7 from the front

MrQuadRider says:

25:08 Nice car!🔥

Reco Blade says:

that last section of music cought me mid sip almost spit water all over my laptop

Randall Lawkin says:

Ryobi for the win

YourTwoCentz says:

I might suggest carriage bolts for the lens bolts next time..

Obed Rodriguez says:

Couldn't you use z32 headlights

Mike Wallace says:

those headlights turned out amazing! reminds me of a Ferrari f40. I just discovered your channel today and subscribed: )

Mike Wallace says:

"Line up my pizza over here"

Melysha Baker says:

We're selling our 1990 240sx S13 SR20 black top DET. Tien suspension, front and back strut bars, short throw shifter, racing wheel, and more. It's in project mode, we have the hood, tires, rims,(tires and rims match the front and also 9 spare tires and a few extra rims) after market side skirts and front bumper (not installed).Brand new intercooling system kit. We've started it since we put it on but hasn't been ran since. We're in Utah, just saying 😁

Steady Driftin says:

Just a heads up to people in the states youll probably get harassed by cops if you got green blue or red bulbs facing the front of your car driving on the street because there emergency vehicle colors

Matt Lynch says:

I think I'll come back when you go SR, or start building again 😥

DAB Goblin says:

You can't use lights IF YOU FUCKIN DRIFT HARD…loser

evanhernandez760 says:

Dam that looks good

Team2na says:

I liked the song 🙂

高橋元気 says:


Jay R says:

Where did you get that acrylic from?

Tinkers Custom says:

That is really creative man, great execution!

Alex Toyer says:

That song sounds like the sims song

SlammedHemi says:

Does the white look white or does it have a blue tint? I got pulled over because mine had a blue tint so I just bought morimoto switchbacks to replace them

Dookie Thomas says:

I think you should slightly re-style the lens mounts you made out of fiberglass and go for the angry eye Jeep look. Almost like a sleepy eye… Regardless nice work!

Jack Truitt says:

you should make a bracket for your intake instead of using 15 zipties

SkidWork says:

What bodykit is that?

Vega Motor Werkz says:

you need to cut a notch on your bumper and extend the"headlight lens" down to cover the notch, and that will give you way better visibility

Vaios Kaliakoudas says:

Is this tutorial universal to all cars with pop-up headlights?

Einer Fonseca says:

I liked the song 🙃

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