Mighty Micro RC Car Mods 2 Worlds fastest bolt project p1

Mighty Micro RC Car Mods 2 Worlds fastest bolt project p1

Mighty Micro RC Car Mods 2
Worlds Fastest Bolt project part 1
In this vid I take the cheapest and lightest RC micro buggy called.
The Bolt / Challenger and mod it to go as fast I can make it using standard radio gear. Also bonus footage of the Atomic Racers I have been working on also.
All builds now in full detail + more on Mad Micro RC Mods Patreon
Worlds Fastest Bolt Part 2 OUT NOW



David Turner says:

That thing rocks

Charm Villaflor says:

I think you should add a wheely bar

C & J Cubers says:

Put a brushless in there

Obell Beckham jr. says:

I really like playing with those alot

Obell Beckham jr. says:

Please send me a rc car

Matthew Lucyshyn says:

can you show us how you modified it

Chey Thompson says:

Now all u need is the brushless motor from a mcpx bl then you would have the worlds fastest.

youtmeme says:

not sure about speed, but for me, I like to race my micros off road, on road, etc. and they are still very fast. heavier front tires will keep it fm wheelies and wider tires help reduce rollovers. funny, i have both ur micros, but they are under diff company names. it seems like almost all the micros are under at least 2 diff companies who make minor changes to them (sometimes) and just rebrand them. but i find some companies put better motors in them. i also find the spoliers useless and just remove them. that helps to unload some of the weight too.

sir sour says:

How long does the battery's last on those small lipos

Z.A.K. RC says:

You should probably get some smaller rear tires for that

xelA ppaR says:

GEEZ! I wish my zip zaps went that quick.

DMB169 says:

where did you get the replacement gears from, mine broke and cant find a replacement.

Campbell J-M says:

Thats insane! I used to own a bolt and wow 42 km/h? That jut crazy fast! Was the orginal bolt from jaycar?


sweet dude check mine out sometime

RC Hunter says:

fastest lil care i've ever seen =D


Thats balistic! Crazy fast, about 26 miles an hour 🙂 Great video. You always do great with camera shots and slow motion and editing. You bring the car to the skate park, hahahaha, i love it!

Magnet Tricks says:

Exellent work again Sir! would be interesting to know the top speed..

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