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FernandoMais BMW says:

Meus parabéns de #fernandomaisbmw

Darrel Dupit says:

How does the trim look now after over a month. Does that paint hold up? Or is it fading? I need to refresh my trim on my e36 M3.

Christos Kondilis says:

Where can i find these cupholders man????

Bike Fax says:

Do you want to sell the stock wheels.

IamtheOneHitOnly says:

The smooth trim is from an older model the textured trim is from the facelift e36

shortroundChris says:

Momma dukes knows best! Following for that e36 Love

Jonathan Watkinson says:

Really love the work what you doing to the old school M3😍!!!

TMESgamer says:

“Imma get in trouble” revs one last time 😂😂

Cesar Villalobos says:

put the M3 wing!!!

sheLOVEsai says:

will you be selling the seats when you replace them?

Thomas Wyman says:

I fw nick but bruh you gotta stop goin with what other pple think is dope I see it in almost every vid..

AlluApplepie says:

Can’t believe how good the e92 sounds omg.. gotta save up and get one too. Such a shame nowadays they only produce those turbo engines

James Adams says:

Lemme get the gucciiiiiii

Ben Magallon says:

Damn bro I found you before you had 20k now you’re about to have 50k 🥵

Kyle Roberts says:

You should paint correct the e36. It take that paint look brand new.

Sandiso Madiba says:

Gold BBS's Would look dope for me….

怒りFlockahashi says:

Nice build dude

vntgzl says:

it’d be dope if you didnt the black on black gucci letter. hella subtle

Gerald Valdez says:

Moms are always the best help

Dan Ked says:

"omg nick you didn't have a heat gun bla bla bla" I just had to write this before I continued the video, also apex arc 8 for sure brother in anthracite😜

Justin Depas says:

Nick I told you manual is fun to drive … that’s why you’re not driving the e92 hahhaah


Dope Video Dope Car can't wait to see the new Wheel's….🔥🔥

Isaela Aguirre says:

Bro when painting didn’t you get some on the white truck next to you ? Lol

Daisy Herrera says:

Keep the red seats ! It looks good

Andrew Donarumo says:

You ever willing to sell the e92? Should do raffle or something!

Mo says:

Bro tint your windows for a cleaner look

W G says:

get Vader seats

Giorgi Mamulashvili says:

hi, your wheels aint Genuine Congrats :))

Davids Channel says:

Let me buy the seats bro

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