PVC Pipe Project : Car Wash

PVC Pipe Project : Car Wash

PVC Pipe Project : Car Wash

In this video, I will show you how to make a PVC Pipe Car Wash at home. If you set this project up in the right location, you can wash off your car anytime you want.

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Wayne Carroll says:

I've done this before. We added to supports on the top to help with bowing. We also added a valve with suction hose connection so you could run soap through the system.

Mirza Andhika Putra says:

Now i can make mah own car wash shop 😏

Thanks to this guy

chrisrobins7 says:

whats wrong with a pail of water?

James Zawacki says:

More of a car rinse than a wash but either way I want one.

Doc Ink says:

Years ago I drove school buses and in the mornings the windows would be covered in dew , Jack Frost seldom visits in Florida. We had a similar system but just one sprayer per side at window height

Uncle Mose says:

You are so positive and creative! Keep it up!

TheLightHouseLady says:

Great idea!

juliet bonilla says:

This is Awsome can't wait to watch the rest of it 🤗

henrycems says:

Very cool idea thanks.

J Jo says:

Is this a permanent set up on the fence, or do you only put it up as needed. I ask because you mentioned about taking it down, etc. Great idea! : )

gini vance says:

What a fantastic idea wtg!!

Marcel's Workshop says:

Cool project. Now add a soap dispenser using a Venturi system.

Ray Hayden says:

Brilliant! I was wondering about the bowing thing, but it looks like it is not an issue. Another great project!

Roy Wrenn says:

Very ingenious idea 💡. Just a thought, 1/2" pipe might be a little stiffer. It may also increase the water pressure. Try using the outside edge of your garage door for added support. Great job with the design.
Thanks for sharing

Felix Cardona says:

Now you need the blow dry using pvc pipes connected to a leaf blower.

Paul Smith says:

Did you fix the teflon tape? Because it was wound the wrong direction.

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